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Is your law firm website everything it could be?
A great law firm website needs to show potential clients who you are and let them know why your firm is absolutely the right choice.

Get A Website That Works As Hard As You Do

Your site should be built for form and functionality, with a
fresh look and features designed to convert visitors into clients.

Modern Template Test

Template Build

Get a streamlined site tailored just for you, built using modern templates and fresh design.

Custom Build Test


A fully customized responsive website built from scratch, complete with integrated data analytics and conversion optimization.

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Existing Site

Work with your existing site to update and optimize the content, functionality, and ease of use.


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Website Design for Law Firms

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Archie Speights

Speights Law

“We are very busy and I know the very strong surge in business coincided exactly with the time we started working with Forward Push.”

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Research And Analysis First

Every Website Build Begins with Research

Building an effective law firm website should begin with first getting to know your practice and the clients you need to target. The process should start with a one-on-one interview, a thorough discovery session to help us understand your priorities and the clients you want to bring in.

Buyer-Focused Content and SEO

Creating Your Online Voice, Look and Style

Research informs everything from the way your site will look to the way it speaks to those who read its pages. Your site will be created by a talented design team, with a fresh look that’s fully in line with your preferences and vision. Relevant, engaging content crafted by a writing team will be there to tell your clients everything they need to know, and a seamless UX design will ensure they stay on your site and make that decision to call you.

A High-Impact Way ToShow Them Who You Are

Get A Website That Works As Hard As You Do

Our team will build your site for form and functionality, with a fresh look and features designed to convert visitors into clients.

Coding For Success attorney

Coding for Success

Your law firm website begins with a mobile-first, responsive design to ensure clients on any device get the same trustworthy site look and feel. SEO is also built right into your site's DNA, with expert coding, keyword-researched tags and content, and linking strategies, all optimized for search. Your site will be easy to maintain and update, ensuring ongoing SEO success, as well.

Worry-Free Site Upkeep

You have enough to do without worrying about website maintenance or keeping up with a law blog. Once your site is launched, keep it updated with high SEO functionality, fresh content and active strategies that convert. Ongoing analytics and conversion rate optimization software shows what's working and how to make the site even better.

Modern and Intuitive Web Design Atlanta

Alyssa Whatley

Law Offices of Alyssa Whatley

“They went above and beyond to make sure that every detail was exactly how I wanted it.”

Alyssa Whatley the principal of Law Offices of Alyssa Whatley

5 Reasons Web Design Matters for Law Firms


It Helps the Right People Find You

You and Google share the same goal: you both want people looking for your services to be able to easily find your site. Google’s set of ever-changing rules for website SEO exists for a purpose – to provide useful results for searchers and penalize sites trying to game the system. Following best practices for law firm SEO and having a strategy helps you target and draw in exactly the visitors you want. You just need to learn how to play this sometimes-complicated game.


More Visitors Means More Clients

The more targeted leads make it to your website, the more likely you are to gain new clients for your firm. SEO not only acts as a beacon for searchers, it can also help you convert those searchers into leads. Good UX and targeted, useful content keeps visitors engaged and builds your credibility so people feel comfortable hiring your firm.


Ranking High Helps Your Firm’s Prestige

People tend to trust the firms that rank highly in search because they trust Google to give them good and trustworthy results. Ranking on the first page boosts your firm’s credibility considerably, and being near the top makes people more likely to click through. Searchers also trust organic search more than paid ads or pay-per-click, so you get an added value money just can’t buy.


SEO is Cost Effective

Search engine optimization costs considerably less than other digital marketing efforts and provides a very good return on investment. In the crowded and competitive law firm pay-per-click market, for instance, it can be easy to spend a lot of money chasing down quality leads. Law firm SEO does require time, effort and expertise, but the rewards are more than worth it.


You Need SEO to Compete

Even if you don’t have an SEO strategy, your competitors certainly do, and those firms will rank above you consistently every time. You simply cannot expect to do well in local search without an SEO plan in place. Google and other search engines do everything they can to democratically provide good suggestions when people search for law services, but you need to do everything you can on your end – including blogging, backlinking and good coding – to beat your competitors in search.

How to Choose a Website Design Agency For Your Law Firm


A Successful Agency that Works with Law Firms

Marketing to people who are looking for a local attorney is not like promoting a hot new startup or selling retail. The client base is more narrow, the market is highly competitive, and the bigger firms have lots of money to spend.

You need a marketing agency with proven legal industry experience to give you a winning edge. A good law firm marketing agency will know exactly where to focus your budget for your new website, so you won’t waste time and money on things that don’t help you in the end.

A Partner in Collaboration and Reporting

Some agencies will take the wheel on writing and designing your new website without consulting you on strategies or presenting a clear vision. You should be able to discuss your goals and have a voice in how your new website looks and feels.

Modern and Intuitive Web Design Atlanta
An Approach That Fits You

An Approach That Fits You

Try to avoid agencies that take a cookie-cutter approach and choose a website design agency for law firms who takes time to understand your client base. When it comes to your website the wrong approach can be worse than no effort at all.

The best agencies will present you with a custom plan for your website, forged from experience in the law firm marketing arena and a knowledge of your practice areas and focus.

Why Should You Choose Forward Push to Create Your New Website

Below are some of the ways that we can help your firm succeed in the online marketing space and gain new clients.


Expert Law Firm Website Writers and Designers

Our writers are experts at talking about legal issues and demystifying complex aspects of the law. We also have a team of talented designers experienced in creating law firm websites that combine beauty and function into one.

Attorney & Law Firm Marketing Knowledge

We have many years of experience serving the legal industry, so we know our way around what works. Don’t settle for a website designer or website agency that takes a generalist approach to marketing – our team is highly experienced in the legal profession.

Attorney And Law Firm Marketing Knowledge

Designed for Results

From the strong SEO foundation your site is built on to the conversion rate optimizations we run, every website we build is designed to get results and bring in the leads your law firm wants. We combine research with talented design and technical knowhow to help you meet your goals.

Creating a Local Law Firm People Know and Trust

How does this law firm stand out by marketing locally and efficiently?


Increase In Website Users


Increase In Organic Traffic


CTR On Paid Ads

Now Is The Time To
Amplify Your Law Firm's Marketing


Social Media

Cultivate your online reputation with curated posts that build credibility and trust in your firm. A social media strategy will help you communicate your expertise and connect with new clients.


Search Engine Optimization

Driving organic search through active strategy, keyword research, and content creation. Implement SEO methods that are tailored to the specific demands of the competitive legal landscape.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Being at the top of a Google search is important and the quickest way to get there is through PPC advertising. Make the most of your investment and bring in leads most likely to convert.

Accelerate Paid Growth Atlanta Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Reaching new clients goes beyond your website and search. Appear in your client's social feeds to remind them of your firm, what you provide, and much more.


Content Creation

Drawing in new clients depends on a strong content strategy. Create articles, newsletters, podcasts and videos to win the trust of those considering your firm.


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We don't work for the awards, but we're honored to receive the recognition from our peers.

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