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Learn how we helped a law firm increase their case load through content creation, paid ads, and video marketing.


In the oversaturated Atlanta-area market, local firm Speights Law needed the marketing efficiency to compete with other firms’ billboards and TV ads, on a smaller budget.


Increase In Website Users


Increase In Organic Traffic


CTR On Paid Ads


Speights Law is a law firm located in Canton, Georgia, just outside the Atlanta metropolitan area. They serve a local legal clientele that includes the extensive suburbs of Atlanta, so they are competing with a multitude of other law firms for the attention and business of potential clients.

Speights handles criminal law defense cases and also represents clients in family law and bankruptcy proceedings. They defend clients facing drug, felony and domestic violence charges, and their family law attorneys handle divorce, child custody and adoption.

Founded in 2001 by Archie Speights, who specializes in criminal law, the firm now includes his wife, attorney Amanda Speights, and former prosecutor Jennifer Geller, who represent the practice’s family law clients. Speights Law prides itself on its reputation as compassionate, tenacious fighters for the rights of their clients.

Archie Speights

Speights Law

“We are very busy and I know the very strong surge in business coincided exactly with the time we started working with Forward Push.”


The Problem

A Search For Additional Marketing Support

Speights Law had previously been working with a specialized, industry-focused marketing agency. While they helped establish Speights Law online, Speights knew they were operating in a crowded market full of larger firms with money to burn on advertising.

They knew they were going to need a smart strategy to compete effectively, and they wanted an agency who offered strategic solutions and a good ROI. A strong background in marketing for the legal profession was on their must-have list, as well.

Forward Push had what they needed, so they hired us for the marketing support they needed. We were able to use our legal firm marketing expertise to get them the results they were seeking.

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SpeightsLaw Solution

Our Solution

Establishing Expertise & Making The Right Bids

• Website Design and Development
• Content Creation
• Pay Per Click Advertising

We began by developing a website that focused on Speights Law’s presence as a local law firm. This included a video shoot and other online optimizations which improved their chances of discovery.

We also implemented a monthly blogging strategy and rounded it out with pay per click and search engine marketing.

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Increase Traffic To Their Website

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Bring In More Qualified Leads

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Help Them Be More Competitive

The Strategies We Implemented

The new website telegraphs the firm’s expertise and caring approach and is full of the sort of information their clients need. The responsive design performs well on all platforms, including all-important mobile devices where clients are most likely to search.

Several blog articles a month help demystify sometimes-confusing practice areas and improve the site’s ranking in search. Good UX and calls-to-action throughout help encourage site user conversion.

The third prong of our strategy was to include Google, Bing, and Yahoo pay-per-click advertising focused on long-tail keywords, which convert at a higher percentage. This meant we could utilize their budget more efficiently, getting results at a fraction of what a billboard might cost.

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Updated Website With A Strong Local Focus

Content Creation Test

Educational Content to Increase Organic Search Traffic

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On and Off Page SEO To Increase Rankings

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Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns


Making Speights a Local Brand People Know And Trust

The results show that this was an investment worth making. Organic searches from those who aren’t familiar with the firm make up for about a third of all website traffic.

They also receive a minimum of one lead per day through the pay per click campaign from highly motivated users, which means there is a high conversion rate.


Increase in Website Users


Increase In Organic Traffic


CTR On Paid Ads

Archie Speights

Speights Law

“From a new website design to online marketing strategy, Marc has set clear expectations for us throughout the process and has delivered exactly as promised. Very pleased with the experience and highly recommend Forward Push.”

SpeightsLaw Google Search Computer

Satisfied Clients

Attorney And Law Firm Marketing Knowledge

Now, the practice is seeing the increased demand they wanted without the huge outlays for expensive campaigns that don’t always work.

Through a well-planned digital strategy – and by providing the right information at the right time, in the right area, we continue to help Speights Law grow online.

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