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Taylor Law Group

Learn how we helped this law firm reach more clients and increase their case load through solid marketing principles.


The Taylor Law Group needed a strong website to drive more traffic and qualified leads their way.


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase In Users Through Local SEO Efforts


Increase In Page Views


Taylor Law Group is a law firm specializing in the wide range of legal issues confronting families of all kinds. They represent clients in divorce, adoption and elder care law proceedings and provide mediation services in disputes.

Their attorneys litigate issues related to child custody and support, alimony and division of property. Taylor Law also handles pre-marriage legal services, paternity claims, advance directives, guardianships and domestic and elder abuse cases.

Taylor Law Group was founded by Clarence O. Taylor IV, who has been licensed to practice law in Georgia since 2001. He is an experienced trial attorney with a network of legal peers throughout Georgia and has served as a magistrate judge.

Clarence Taylor

Taylor Law Group

“Forward Push was equally able to provide results and perform efficiently and beyond expectation due to Marc's guidance and tutelage.”

The Problem

An Updated Design To Improve User Experience

Taylor Law Group had a great website when it came to technical SEO, but their website had a noticeably outdated design. Even with the strong technical SEO to draw in leads, they were losing most of those leads when they got to the site.

It seemed that their outdated design just wasn’t instilling the necessary confidence in their potential family law clients, which, in turn, was losing them revenue. The needed a new look and a site that reflected their supportive and honest approach to family law.

They hired Forward Push to give them a fresh new site with a strong user experience that would inspire confidence and encourage people to call. We created the perfect portal to drive more potential clients and increase their revenue through great design.

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TaylorLaw Approach

Our Solution

An Updated Approach To Design Meets SEO Best Practices

• Website Design

While we weren’t starting completely from scratch, we still made sure to plan thoroughly before beginning. This included a full creative brief and outlined what we would use from the current website and what our team would create.

Optimize Site Test

Website Design That Inspires Trust

Develop Brand Test

Improved UX For Retention

Increase Web Traffic Test

Increased Traffic To Their Website

The Strategies We Implemented

We started the website design process by looking at what their current website didn’t have in terms of design and functionality. From there, we included the content we could re-use, updated as needed, and shaped our new content to match.

Before launch, we thoroughly tested every step of the potential client’s experience as a part of our quality control process. Then we launched and began monitoring so we could make ongoing performance improvements.

We backed up their strong technical SEO foundation with localization and other off-page techniques to increase traffic. This included thorough keyword research for their local area. Because they had never utilized legal directories before, we prioritized that during the process.

Intuitive Layout

New Website Designed To Increase Conversions

Drive Traffic Test

Optimized User Experience For Better Functionality And Greater Lead Conversion

Optimized Local SEO Test

Localization And Off-Page SEO To Supplement Their Technical SEO

Intuitive Navigation Test

Legal Directory Listings For Backlinks And Increased Lead Traffic


An Increase In All The Important Metrics

With the new site improvements and SEO strategies in place, the Taylor Law Group saw more traffic,
more site user interaction, and a huge jump in one crucial area: new clients.


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase In Users Through Local SEO Efforts


Increase In Page Views

Clarence Taylor

Taylor Law Group

“It has been a pleasure working with the company and Marc individually. I look forward to a continuing and productive relationship in the future.”

TaylorLaw Google Search Computer

Satisfied Clients

Attorney And Law Firm Marketing Knowledge

All together, our approach increased organic and referral traffic, greater searches from their city, and more page views, which showed that users were spending more time engaging with the content.

Our work on the legal directories paid off, too – after launch, legal directories became the firm’s top referral source, accounting for over 50% of referral traffic.

Taylor Law now has a website worthy of a modern and trusted law firm and all the strategies in place to help them attract and keep new prospects. We will continue to monitor and optimize the site to make sure it keeps working hard for these hardworking lawyers.

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