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How Do You Stand Out Against Other Firms In The Competitive Legal Market?

That’s where you need a digital marketing agency with solid experience helping law firms,
like yours, beat out the competition. Your firm needs to develop and implement strategies that will get you to the top and increase your caseload. That’s why lawyers hire Forward Push to do their marketing for them.


Website Design

Project your firm on a site engineered to draw leads and convert visitors into satisfied clients. Build a website that works hard at finding and convincing people to hire you.


Social Media

Cultivate your online reputation with curated posts that build credibility and trust in your firm. A social media strategy will help you communicate your expertise and connect with new clients.


Search Engine Optimization

Driving organic search through active strategy, keyword research, and content creation. Implement SEO methods that are tailored to the specific demands of the competitive legal landscape.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Being at the top of a Google search is important and the quickest way to get there is through PPC advertising. Make the most of your investment and bring in leads most likely to convert.

Accelerate Paid Growth Atlanta Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Reaching new clients goes beyond your website and search. Appear in your client's social feeds to remind them of your firm, what you provide, and much more.


Content Creation

Drawing in new clients depends on a strong content strategy. Create articles, newsletters, podcasts and videos to win the trust of those considering your firm.

Make Sure Your Law Firm's Marketing
Is Done Right

You may have worked with other marketing agencies or tried out some common advertising strategies yourself,
many lawyers see traffic from these efforts but disappointing numbers of actual new clients.

What Stops Law Firms From Success?

These are the most common problems law firms face when doing their own marketing.

Ineffective Targeting Test

Ineffective Targeting

They’re not targeting the clients most likely to hire you. A general campaign can be costly and waste time and money on poor quality leads - you need a focused and disciplined approach.

Ineffective Messaging Test

Ineffective Messaging

A failure to convey the strengths and specializations of the firm. Your website, your ads and your online persona need clear messaging to convey who you are and facilitate conversion at every turn.

Ineffective Strategy Test

Ineffective Strategy

No digital strategy. In order to get seen in the competitive online legal environment, you need data-driven tactics and an in-depth understanding of how marketing actually works.

J. Scott Key

Scott Key And Associates

“The team understood my marketing problem and they worked with me to really figure out what I wanted and needed.”


How To Choose A Law Firm Marketing Agency

Lady Justice

Proven Legal Industry Experience

An Agency That Successfully Works With Law Firms

Marketing to people who are looking for a local attorney is not like promoting a hot new startup or selling retail. The client base is more narrow, the market is highly competitive, and the bigger firms have lots of money to spend.

You need an agency with proven legal industry experience to give you a winning edge. A good law firm marketing agency will know exactly where to focus your marketing efforts and budget, so you won’t waste time and money on things that don’t help you in the end. They will also work to find new and innovative ways to make you stand out in a crowded field.

Present Clear Results

A Partner In Collaboration And Reporting

Some agencies will take the wheel on digital marketing without consulting you on strategies or presenting clear results. You should be able to discuss your short-term goals as well as long-term strategies and have a voice in how your budget is directed and spent.

The right agency will keep you in the loop and show you exactly how your campaigns are working, pivoting quickly toward successful efforts and away from those that don’t.

A Partner In CollaborationAnd Reporting

Why Should You Choose Forward Push As The Marketing Agency For Your Law Firm?

Below are some of the ways that we can help your firm succeed in the online marketing space and gain new clients.

An Approach That Fits You

Avoid The Cookie-Cutter Approach

An Approach
That Fits You

Try to avoid agencies that take a cookie-cutter approach and pick a law firm marketing partner who takes time to understand your client base. When it comes to your marketing the wrong approach can be worse than no effort at all.

The best agencies will present you with a custom plan for your firm, forged from experience in the law firm marketing arena and knowledge of your practice areas and focus. You should also have a say in how your marketing talks to your clients, to maintain the personality and consistency your firm is known for.

An Advanced Approach

Expert Digital Marketing Solutions for Law Firms

Using the most advanced technologies and know-how, we can help your law firm land more quality clients from your internet marketing.

From a new website designed to increase phone calls to SEO strategies that drive traffic to your website to Google ads that compete with the biggest firms, we’ve got your back.

Expert Digital Marketing Solutions

Alyssa Whatley

Law Offices of Alyssa Whatley

“They went above and beyond to make sure that every detail was exactly how I wanted it.”

Alyssa Whatley the principal of Law Offices of Alyssa Whatley
Attorney And Law Firm Marketing Knowledge

Satisfied Clients

Attorney And Law Firm Marketing Knowledge

We have a lot of satisfied law firm clients and many years experience serving the industry, so we know our way around the strategies that work.

Don’t settle for an agency that takes a generalist approach to marketing – find a team that is highly experienced at marketing tactics specific to the legal profession.

We’re Big On Sharing

Detailed Reporting

We’re 100% transparent which is why you’ll have access to our 24/7 leads and marketing portal.

At a moment’s notice you can see how your campaigns are doing and what you’ve spent. Our weekly and monthly team meetings will give you a deeper understanding of your campaign’s performance.

Legal Who We Help Detailed Reporting

Still Not Sure Your Law Firm
Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Maybe you think digital marketing is too expensive or that you won’t be able to compete with the bigger firms.

That’s simply not true.

The fact is that you need a digital strategy regardless of the size of your firm.

Here’s why.


Your clients are on there, your competitors are on there – you simply can’t afford not to be actively engaged online, too. The internet is where people turn when they need a lawyer or have a legal question, and your firm needs to be right there when they do.

People will want to know more about you and your firm even if they found about you from a word-of-mouth referral. From your law firm website to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, everything about your online presence needs to make the right impression.

If you have a limited presence or a shoddy online appearance, you run the risk of looking unprofessional, not entirely legitimate or simply behind the times.

A great website and a strong social media presence will build trust and help clients know your law firm is the right fit for them.

Advertising on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms will allow you to laser target the right demographics, so you get high-quality leads rather than just sheer volume that take up you and your team’s time and energy.

You can find your ideal clients online and tailor your ads to their wants and needs, which ultimately leads to more clients for your law firm.

The return on investment for digital is better than TV, radio, direct mail and outdoor.

Website content doesn’t go away, so it is always working to bring in new leads for your law firm. Targeted advertising techniques like Pay Per Click and Social Media Ads are continually optimized to lower your cost and increase their return on investment.

Unlike offline marketing efforts where it’s difficult to calculate your success, digital marketing for law firms lets you closely track metrics including conversions such as phone calls and form submissions and where they came from.

Content marketing online provides valuable information for both current and prospective clients. It can be used to show your knowledge as a legal professional and your case results.

Archie Speights

Speights Law

“We are very busy and I know the very strong surge in business coincided exactly with the time we started working with Forward Push.”


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