How to Reach Your Marketing Goals

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Quick and Easy: 4 Steps to Get You There

Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. Happy New Year! And today I wanted to share four steps that you can do to reach your 2019 marketing goals. Four easy steps. It’s gonna take you about an hour of time to get through them. And I encourage you to put this on your calendar and do it. First thing, reflect on 2018. What were your successes and failures? Grab a notepad, two columns, successes, failures. Write ’em out. Think about 2018. Taking that knowledge, now apply it to 2019. Set yourself up for some monthly goals in 2019 based off of your successes and failures in 2018. Now that we’ve got our goals, it’s time to plan out campaigns. What are you gonna talk about to help drive people to your business? Get a calendar out. Write it down. Think of your services and concentrate on one, maybe two services per quarter that you can focus on letting people know what you do. And the fourth step to reach your 2019 marketing goals is to determine what channels you’re going to use to get this message out. Is it gonna be social media? Is it gonna be networking? Is it gonna be guest blogging? Figure out what channels you’re gonna let people know about your business. There you go, four easy steps to make sure that you reach your marketing goals in 2019.

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