From Big Firm To Solo Attorney

How To Do It Right

Last year she made the big decision to strike out on her own.
Determined to establish herself as a top solo tax attorney while building a thriving practice.
She knew working with legal marketing experts who understood her strengths and could communicate her value proposition effectively would be crucial to her success.
Our agency took the time to understand her unique selling proposition, working closely with her to craft a marketing strategy that highlighted those qualities.
Through a collaborative process, we created:
  • an interactive, professional website
  • an engaging GBP to capture local attention
  • targeted advertising campaigns
  • videos and content to engage current & future clients
We also provided valuable guidance on managing lead flow effectively and tracking and measuring the success of each marketing initiative.
Her practice began to grow…steadily.
In fact, she tells us all the time: “steady growth is perfect for me.”
law firm website awards

How Do We Do It?

Prioritize quality over quantity.
Generating leads is a crucial part of any business’s growth strategy. But we know it’s equally important to generate leads at the right cadence for each client to avoid overwhelming them or their staff.
Developing a customized lead generation plan for every practice, aligned with their goals and resources, gives us the right baseline for consistently providing steady, sustainable growth.
Manage time and resources.
By focusing on generating high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into clients, small to midsize law firms can avoid spending time on leads that may not be a good fit for their practice.
Our approach helps our clients by allowing them to allocate resources for converting the most promising leads rather than on fielding a bunch of low-quality leads.
Don’t ever let overwhelming lead generation get in the way of your success.
We’ll develop a lead cadence that supports your practice growth while maintaining high-quality, personalized service to your clients.
If you’re interested in learning more about our effective lead generation strategies for legal professionals, reach out today.
PS: That’s me in the photo with two awards we won last month for two different law firm websites.
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