What Should You Look for When Hiring an SEO Consultant?

It’s maybe a little ironic, but Google Search Advocate John Mueller, recently searched Twitter for answers.

The exchange turned into an article on Search Engine Journal – based on the answers Mueller got to his critical question:

What should you look for when hiring an SEO consultant?

Since the agency specializes in local SEO, I found myself agreeing with several points raised in the discussion.

Experts Weight In

👥 Real Experience Matters: Isaline Muelhauser pointed out the advantage of working with agencies that understand the local market. At Forward Push we found that local nuances and trends are invaluable when crafting effective SEO strategies. Tailored, not templated, solutions drive success.

💸 Avoid the ‘Chop-Shops’: Kris Roadruck warns against low-budget services. Effective SEO isn’t a bargain-basement service. It’s a long-term investment that demands expertise, effort, and strategic planning.

🛠️ Tools of the Trade: SEOGoddess chimed in to underscore the importance of knowing the tools of the trade. Familiarity with several popular platforms is a good indicator of competency.

📈 Proven Track Record & Ethical Practices: An agency should have a proven track record and a commitment to ethical practices. The evidence is out there – in our case, it’s in the case studies on our website.

We’ve helped law firms, healthcare providers, and accounting firms all significantly boost their local SEO – and their bottom line.

Our comprehensive, “get seen at the top” approach includes site optimization, mobile-friendly adjustments, along with meaningful content that adapts to changing buyer behavior.

Hiring an SEO Expert Definitely Requires Careful Consideration

It’s about so much more than just cost.

It’s about partnering with an agency with true SEO expertise, a deep understanding of local markets, and the know-how to design a tailored approach to meet your exact needs.

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