OTT Advertising Isn’t Just For Big Brands

Nielsen, the people who back in the late 1900’s, tracked TV audiences via a box attached to your television say in the second decade of the 21st century, that nearly 80% of adults are consuming TV content via streaming devices.

Content streamed using “over the top” (OTT) services, like Hulu and Peacock, accounts for over a quarter of our weekly viewing.

So it stands to reason that advertising is making its way to streaming…in a big way.

OTT Advertising Isn’t Just For Big Brands

Healthcare providers can definitely get their services in front of highly targeted audiences.

We recently did a brand awareness OTT campaign for a new to the market medspa.

By targeting the shows watched by their ideal prospects, those OTT ads delivered a 424% increase in their web traffic.

The Power of OTT is in the Targeting

Your ads are shown to people who have been determined to be most likely to take action on your message. You aren’t limited by broadcast schedules or geography because consumers can see the ad anytime, anywhere they have access to their device.

With that in mind, there are some things to keep in mind before venturing into OTT ads:

  • Ads need to be designed to work well on everything from big screen TVs to laptops to smartphones.
  • Audiences are smaller, but they are more engaged and “warmer” to your messaging – even if they don’t necessarily know your brand.
  • You can get niche. In traditional TV advertising, you needed to cast a wide net and serve ads with broad appeal. Streaming lets you get granular with your campaigns. Your ad dollars can be very effective even with the tightest targeting.
  • OTT advertising is the perfect complement to re-targeting – which is one of the most cost-effective tools in any digital marketing strategy.
  • Keep ads short – and get the hook out in the first 5-8 seconds. Be mindful of the <<skip ad>> that can shut down your message before it gets started.

The truth is, companies of all sizes can benefit from working with an experienced OTT partner. It’s definitely an exciting opportunity to reach an engaged audience.

Marc Apple

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