How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

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This is Your Marketing Minute Episode number 129, a audio and video podcast from Forward Push and today I wanted to share some information that are good friends over at HubSpot have just released and it was a blog post of theirs that talked about the ideal blog length for SEO in 2020.

So this is a question that we get a lot from our clients and we’re thinking about internally with our strategy, when we’re working with our clients and it has to do with blog posts when you’re doing your writing, be? look at all of their blog posts from 2019 and came up with the sort of the equation that the ideal blog post length should be somewhere between 2,100 and 2,400 words.

And what’s interesting is that although that’s what they’re saying, that your blog post should be, in fact, when you look at their top 50 blog posts in 2019, we can see that the top 50 were actually under 1,500 words. Now a lot of this probably has to do it that they’re writing so much content. So they’ve got plenty of blog posts to go through. They can write about various lengths and various topics, but the one thing that I took away from the study is that sort of no matter what the content was or how many words the blog article was it really comes down to SEO best practices in order to make a great blog post.

So before we dive into sort of the numbers or the averages that your blog post should be, let’s just talk about some SEO best practices for writing blogs.

So I guess number one would be back linking, so making sure that you’ve got proper backlinks, not only from outside sources to your content, but also internally to making sure that you’re adding alt-text on your pages. So when you’re putting in images, you’ve got the proper alt-text. By far making sure that you’re going after the right keyword.

So when you are writing these blog posts, you do have some intent on what types of keywords you are trying to write for and to be found and then, lastly, certainly on HubSpot and other great blogs that rank high, these pages are what I would say our media rich content. It’s not only just words, it’s videos, social media, embeds, they’ve got infographics. It really is a complete media rich page. So those are just SEO best practices.

So now let’s jump into the ideal blog post for a couple of different types of blog content. And again, this is sort of using the data from HubSpot.

So they’re saying that the ideal length for a lead generation post should be around 2,500 words.

A pillar page, right – So these are the pages where you’re really establishing your authoritativeness, that you are ideal person who can speak on topics is around 4,000 pages.

A listicle, a blog post that has a list average around 2,300 to 2,600 words.

How to post between 1,700 and 1,720 words, and lastly, a what is post, so a blog post that answers questions somewhere between 1,300 and 1,700 words.

So there you go. That’s taking a look at a handful of types of blogs and what there page length should be. The other thing to keep in mind is with this study HubSpot also said that there is sort of a minimum blog post length, and they said that’s around 300 words. That tends to make sense.

I might even say that it’s probably around 500 not 300 when you start to get in that 1 to 200 range, the content is what probably Google would consider very thin. There’s not really much you can talk about, so that 300 toe 500 range is really the minimum blog post length that I would recommend. So there you go. What is the ideal blog post length for 2020 when it comes to SEO.

This has been Episode 129 of Your Marketing Minute and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks!


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