Establish Authority and Grow Your Client List.

Hosting a podcast enhances your law firm's credibility, positioning you as an industry expert while expanding your reach and influence. Share valuable legal insights, connect with a wider audience, and build lasting relationships through engaging and impactful podcast content.

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Build your thought leadership and authority

Our agency uses data-driven podcasting strategies to help law firms enhance their visibility, engage their audience, and achieve measurable outcomes. By leveraging our expertise, you can position your firm as a thought leader and gain a competitive edge. See how our tailored solutions have delivered outstanding results for satisfied clients.

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Transform your visibility with proven expertise

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Build Trust and Credibility: Your reputation is paramount. Our tailored digital strategies amplify your expertise, ensuring your services stand out as the preferred choice for clients' needs.

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Achieve Strategic Excellence: We implement innovative tactics that elevate your brand's voice and visibility, keeping you ahead of the competition. Your success stories are our greatest achievement.

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Focus on Tangible Results: We are dedicated to driving your business growth. From increasing visibility to enhancing client engagement, our customized strategies position your practice at the industry's forefront.

Engage and inspire your audience

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Build connections with your clients

Develop meaningful relationships with your audience through the personal touch of podcasting. Deepen engagement and cultivate a loyal community around your brand by sharing insights and stories that resonate with your clients.

Establish your status as a thought leader

Enhance your credibility and influence by hosting interviews with industry experts and thought leaders. Position yourself as a go-to authority in your field, sharing valuable insights and expertise through your podcast episodes.

Amplify your content's reach

Extend the impact of your content by repurposing podcast episodes into compelling blog posts, engaging social media updates, and captivating videos. This multi-channel approach draws in new clients and broadens your reach, maximizing your podcast's effectiveness.


Is a podcast right for your law firm? Absolutely.

By hosting a podcast, your law firm can connect with a network of legal professionals, experts, and industry leaders. Invite them as guests to share valuable insights, create compelling content, and build lasting professional relationships. Featuring expert guests on topics relevant to your audience enhances your firm's authority and expands your professional network.

Position your law firm as an industry authority

Hosting a podcast is an excellent way for your law firm to demonstrate expertise and establish itself as a thought leader in the legal field. Share your knowledge and insights with a dedicated audience, attracting like-minded professionals and potential clients. When your podcast is shared within their networks, your firm's visibility and influence grow significantly.

Maximize networking and collaboration

A podcast greatly enhances your firm's networking capabilities. By inviting guests, forming connections, and positioning your firm as a thought leader, you open doors to a broader professional network. This can lead to valuable collaborations, referrals, and business opportunities, propelling your firm to new heights of success.

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J. Scott Key

Personal Injury Attroney

“I came to Forward Push because I wanted to transition my law practice from criminal appeals to personal injury. The team worked with me to really figure out what I wanted and needed. They designed a website and have helped me launch a podcast.”

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Boost your success with tailored marketing solutions

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Strengthen your connections with clients and referral partners

Elevate your visibility as a though leader and cultivate meaningful relationships that drive your business forward.

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Opportunities for collaboration

Featuring other attorneys, industry influencers, and thought leaders as guests on your podcast adds immense value and credibility to your firm. Their unique perspectives and expertise can enrich your content, making it more appealing and authoritative to your audience, and fostering professional relationships that can lead to future collaborations.

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Increased visibility and thought leadership

Broadcasting your insights to a dedicated audience establishes you as a leading authority in the legal industry. This enhanced visibility attracts like-minded individuals, potential clients, and collaborators, expanding your reach and influence within your professional community, and positioning your firm as a go-to source for legal expertise.

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Foster deeper connections

Podcasts are inherently conversational, allowing for in-depth discussions that foster stronger relationships with your audience. This intimate format helps you connect on a deeper level with both guests and listeners, building trust and loyalty. By creating meaningful interactions, you enhance your firm's reputation and cultivate a dedicated community around your podcast.

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Broaden your reach

Interviewing guests from the legal industry on topics relevant to your audience expands your professional network. This approach not only enhances your podcast's credibility but also helps you establish connections with a wider range of professionals. By fostering these relationships, you create opportunities for future collaborations and increase your influence within the legal community.


Sammy Kim

Tax Law Attorney

"Forward Push manages my social media engagement and video productions, which has undeniably broadened our reach. We've seen a real but steady increase in our new client inquiries, and it's clear that Forward Push's services have been instrumental in growing my practice."

Start building authority and trust with your clients.

Don't let your competitors get ahead. Embrace podcasting as a powerful tool to elevate your firm, build trust, and achieve your business goals. Connect with your audience on a deeper level and establish your authority in the legal industry.


Discover the power of podcasting with expert insight

Stay ahead in your field with valuable tips and strategies from Forward Push. Explore our latest blog articles to enhance your podcasting skills and achieve greater success in your marketing efforts. Learn how to effectively engage your audience, build your brand, and expand your reach through compelling podcast content.

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What are the benefits of starting a podcast for my law firm?

Starting a podcast offers numerous benefits, including enhancing your firm's credibility, expanding your reach, and establishing your authority in the legal industry. Podcasts allow you to share valuable insights, connect with a broader audience, and build lasting relationships with listeners. This medium also helps in humanizing your brand and creating a more personal connection with potential clients.


How often should I publish new podcast episodes?

The frequency of publishing new podcast episodes depends on your firm's goals and resources. Consistency is key, so choose a schedule you can maintain. Many successful podcasts release episodes weekly or bi-weekly. The goal is to provide regular, valuable content to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.


What topics should I cover in my podcast?

Your podcast should cover topics that are relevant and valuable to your target audience. Consider discussing common legal issues, providing expert advice, sharing client success stories, interviewing industry experts, and offering insights into the latest legal trends. Tailoring content to your audience’s interests and needs will help you attract and retain listeners.


How can a podcast help in attracting new clients?

Podcasts help in attracting new clients by positioning your law firm as an authority in your field. By providing valuable information and insights, you build trust and credibility with your audience. When listeners need legal services, they are more likely to turn to a firm they recognize and trust from their podcast experience.


What equipment do I need to start a podcast?

Starting a podcast requires some basic equipment, including a quality microphone, headphones, and a computer with editing software. You may also need a quiet recording space and an audio interface or mixer for better sound quality. As your podcast grows, you can invest in more advanced equipment to improve production quality.


How will you help in producing my podcast?

Our team will assist you throughout the podcast production process, from planning and recording to editing and publishing. We provide guidance on content creation, help with technical setup, and ensure your episodes are polished and professional. Additionally, we offer strategies for promoting your podcast to reach a wider audience.


Can you help with promoting my podcast?

Yes, we offer comprehensive promotion services to help your podcast reach its target audience. This includes leveraging social media, email marketing, SEO, and collaboration with influencers and industry partners. Our goal is to increase your podcast’s visibility and grow your listener base effectively.


How do you measure the success of a podcast?

The success of a podcast can be measured through various metrics, including the number of downloads, listener engagement, audience growth, and feedback. We track these metrics and provide regular reports to help you understand your podcast’s performance and make data-driven decisions to enhance its impact.


Will you assist with content planning and strategy?

Absolutely. We work closely with you to develop a content plan and strategy that aligns with your firm’s goals and audience interests. This includes brainstorming topics, scheduling episodes, and ensuring your content remains relevant and engaging. Our aim is to help you create a podcast that resonates with your listeners and supports your business objectives.


Can my podcast be audio, video, or both?

Yes, your podcast can be audio, video, or a combination of both, depending on what makes the most sense for your firm and audience. A video podcast can be used as content on your law firm's website, social media, and YouTube channel. It can also be cut up into shorter content for Reels, Shorts, and TikToks, maximizing your reach and engagement across multiple platforms.


How long does it take to see results from podcasting?

The timeline for seeing results from podcasting can vary based on factors such as frequency of episodes, quality of content, and promotional efforts. Generally, it takes a few months to build a steady listener base and start seeing significant engagement and business benefits. Consistency and quality are crucial to long-term success in podcasting.

Getting started with podcasting

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Defining your objectives

Before starting your podcast journey, it's vital to clearly define your objectives and target audience. Whether you aim to educate, entertain, or inspire your listeners, we assist in crafting your podcast’s content and tone to ensure it effectively reaches and resonates with your desired clients.

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Podcasting for businesses

Podcasting presents a unique opportunity for businesses, enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and thought leadership while driving growth. With a carefully crafted strategy, you can connect meaningfully with your clients and maintain a competitive edge.

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Choosing your format and length

Podcasts come in various formats, including interviews, solo shows, panel discussions, and storytelling. Each format offers distinct advantages. Our podcasting experts will guide you in selecting the format that best aligns with your objectives and audience preferences.

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Planning engaging content

The success of your podcast depends on creating valuable, engaging content that captivates your audience. Our team of podcasting and content specialists will help you develop a content calendar to keep your podcast fresh, relevant, and captivating.

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The power of podcasting for attorneys: unlocking a world of opportunity

Podcasts have always been a popular medium, and their popularity continues to rise, presenting law firms with a unique opportunity to enhance brand visibility, engage their target market, and establish thought leadership within the legal industry. Podcasting has become an integral part of daily life. According to Edison Research, over 80 million Americans regularly listen to podcasts, a number expected to grow as more people discover the convenience and versatility of audio content.

For attorneys, starting a podcast offers a platform to share valuable insights, discuss legal topics, and connect with potential clients on a deeper level. This medium allows you to showcase your expertise, build trust, and differentiate your practice in a competitive market. Now is the perfect time to start your podcast and leverage this powerful tool to grow your legal practice. Schedule your free consultation now.