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Focused client acquisition

When Chambers Family Law, specialists in family law with a focus on  addiction cases, approached us, they faced a niche challenge: reaching a specific audience in need of their unique legal services. Our job was to amplify their voice in a crowded legal market.

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Strategic insight and impact

Our solution was a blend of personal storytelling and targeted strategy. We leveraged the founder's own experience with divorce and addiction, creating a series of deeply empathetic content. This was not just legal jargon blog articles; it was a lifeline to those facing similar struggles.

By speaking in the partner's voice, we put his compelling story in the spotlight, directly connecting with the type of clients the firm was searching for. Coupled with a precise social media and advertising campaign, we ensured the firm's message reached the right prospects.

The impact was immediate and profound. Chambers Family Law not only increased its case load but became a beacon of hope in a specialized field. Our campaign turned their unique expertise into a story that resonated, redefining their role from attorneys to advocates.

Success tactics

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Website Design

Atlanta law firm specializes in divorce and addiction issues.


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Social Media

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Challenge the norm

With a focus on your success, our unique marketing and advertising strategies break from tradition to deliver enhanced results.

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Chambers Family Law

Attorney Pete Chambers

“Forward Push has been instrumental in increasing inquiries and navigating the unique challenges of my specialization with great sensitivity and expertise. Highly recommend for any legal professional seeking effective marketing solutions.”

Build a client-centric website with a personal touch

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