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What is Responsive Website Design?

Have you ever visited a website on your phone but it looked like you were on your computer? That website wasn’t using responsive design. Responsive website design helps users interact easily with a website regardless of their device or browser window size. This improves usability, which is a significant factor in increasing website traffic and improving sales.

This type of design is coded into the website, so that regardless of browser window or device, your website will be easily read and understood. We follow Google’s responsive design recommendations to ensure that every website we build has the greatest potential to succeed.

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Responsive Design Benefits You & the User

A responsive website is easier to use. By capitalizing on this ease of use we can improve your customer’s user experience to benefit your bottom line. The easier a website is to use, the more your sales will grow.

Top 15 Website Mistakes
Atlanta Businesses Should Avoid

Websites can be confusing. We’re here to fix that, starting with sharing the top 15
website mistakes we see businesses making, starting with responsive web design.

non-responsive website experience

Not Using Responsive Design

As we’ve established, responsive design is how companies ensure that people can view their content on any device and in any size browser window. In today’s device-agnostic world, this is critical. People could be viewing your website on their phone, then revisiting on their computer, and you want to ensure they have the same information both times.

When looking to work with a web design service provider, always ask about their design process and how they optimize for mobile browsing.

Ignoring SEO Optimization

Put simply, SEO ensures your content will be seen. SEO optimization improves website discovery by focusing on keywords relating to the target customer and the industry.

These keywords are then used strategically throughout the website to improve search rankings. You can learn about each piece of an SEO strategy here.

SEO Mistake #2 is ignoring website seo
slow loading website

Not Compressing Images & Videos

People scroll quickly on the Internet. And if they have a bad Internet connection or aren’t willing to wait a few extra seconds, they may miss out on important parts of your website like images and videos.

By compressing this content, you can do your part to ensure visitors will experience the content you’ve invested in without degrading the quality too severely.

Making it Difficult to Read

Unfortunately, website visitors aren’t going to give you time to describe your company through difficult-to-read websites. The more difficult it is to determine who you are and what you do, the more likely you are to lose a sale.

Focus on using headings, short blocks of text, and lists. (Like we’re using right now.) A responsive website development company will have content development experts ready to maximize readability so you can maximize sales.

SEO Mistake #4 is if a visitor cant read the website
SEO Mistake #5 is website navigation

Making it Difficult to Navigate

Just like making a website easy to read, you want to ensure your website is easy to navigate. A difficult-to-navigate website will make buttons unclear, hyperlinks the same color as the text, and not follow website design standards. In other words, this isn’t the time to break the rules!

An Atlanta responsive website design firm will help you share your story and your unique view while also maximizing usability so they’ll have a great user experience.

Ignoring the Essentials

Your website needs to accomplish two things: share who you are and how to buy. Blog posts and FAQs are important, but without these two core elements, your website won’t be effective.

We always recommend zooming out during your website design process and asking yourself: can customers tell who we are and purchase our product or service? Once that’s complete, you can move into other content, but only then.

SEO Mistake #6 is not having website goals
SEO Mistake #7 no target audience

Ignoring Your Target Audience

Are you writing for your ideal customer, or everyone on the Internet? Hint: It should always be your ideal customer. Instead of trying to become applicable to everyone, focus on sharing the information your ideal customer needs in the way they want it, like in blog posts and informative videos.

By creating content for your target audience, you can build relationships, improve brand recognition, and increase sales.

Using Only Evergreen or Only Time-Sensitive Content

A great website will have both evergreen and time-sensitive content. Evergreen content includes blog articles or white papers that are relevant for more than a week or a month, like “How to Eat Healthier”.

Time-sensitive content, though, is relevant only for a short time, like “How to Eat Healthier During the Holidays”. Both types of content are valuable to your target audience and can help improve website traffic.

SEO Mistake #8 content marketing
SEO Mistake #9 ignoring social media showing social media talk bubbles

Not Utilizing Social Media

You’re creating a bounty of content as you build out your website and SEO strategies; are you promoting it elsewhere? Cross-promoting blog posts, white papers, and other website pages on social media can improve your SEO and bring more people to your website.

With evergreen content, you can continue sharing for months after originally publishing, helping you get as much value as possible out of one piece of content.

Focusing Only on Your Brand Colors

Your brand is more than a color palette. It’s the way you speak to your target customer and how you make them feel.

When developing your website, remember that fonts, images, writing tone, and overall emotion will build a connection with your target customer more than your brand colors. Design is important, but it shouldn’t be the only focus.

SEO Mistake #10 no brand color palette
SEO Mistake #11 websitepage

Focusing on Text-Only Content

Website content is more than blogging. In fact, video is a leading type of content online. Instead of focusing only on text-based content, begin incorporating videos like quick Q&A sessions or detailed company profile videos.

These will have a cost, but introducing your company through video will being to build a connection with your audience that can translate into sales.

Creating a Website then Not Updating It

Websites are living, breathing entities that need to be updated regularly. Many website owners focus on updating their blog page regularly, which is great!

However, over time, other pages of your website will need to be updated as well. It could be your team, products or services, or even your company hours. As soon as a decision is announced, make sure that the website reflects it.

SEO Mistake #12 website analytics
SEO Mistake #13 website design update

Ignoring Your Website Analytics

If you aren’t monitoring your website’s analytics, how will you know what you need to improve, and if those updates are helping? This is why tracking your website’s analytics, like number of daily visitors and bounce rate, is an important step of managing a website.

We recommend at least monthly reporting, though regular monitoring is also important. A responsive web design firm in Atlanta can help you manage this task.

Creating Too Much Content

Yes, it’s possible! If your focus is on creating as much content as possible rather than what is necessary, you risk creating low-quality content.

If you can only create two blog posts per month instead of four or six, focus on creating two amazing blog posts. Those will always out-perform and positively impact your brand more than four poorly written blogs.

SEO Mistake #14 too much content
SEO Mistake #15 mobile website design

Not Checking Their Mobile-Website

Half of Internet browsing is done on mobile devices. Can yours compete? Just because your web team or website builder says it’s responsive doesn’t mean that the mobile version couldn’t use some help.

Look for a responsive web design firm who can does more than the bare minimum for mobile-friendly web design that will help increase sales.