Redesigning Your Law Firm’s Website? Remember to Optimize the Content!

Redesigning Your Law Firm's Website

What Does Content Optimization Mean Anyway? Campaign Monitor defines content optimization as the“process of making sure content is written in a way that it can reach the largest possible target audience.” Your content optimization process needs to ensure your keywords are present on the page and in your content, meta and title tags are added,…

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Why Location Matters For Law Firm SEO

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Effective legal marketing SEO focuses on local targeting for firms dependent on geographic clientele. Key strategies include auditing digital assets, crafting localized content strategies, creating comprehensive client journey content, and optimizing Google Business Profiles.

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Why Pay Per Click Doesn’t Work For Law Firms

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Customized Google ads can significantly boost law firm traffic, avoiding generic pitfalls through tailored strategies, precise keyword selection, and compelling ad copy. Continuous optimization and a focus on user experience across digital assets are crucial for reducing costs and enhancing conversions.

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Best Legal Conferences

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The latter half of 2023 features key legal conferences like ILTACON in Orlando, Legal Geek in London, Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, The Summit in Orlando, and LMASE in Nashville.

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