Use Video to Engage Your Current and Potential Customers.

Create a professional online presence for your Atlanta-based small business.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a way to reach current and potential customers through content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. There are two core types. The first is professionally created content using scripting, lighting, and professional cameras. These videos are typically used for company profile videos, service offering videos, and digital advertising content.

The other type of video is “off-the-cuff" content created on a phone. These are usually selfie-style videos used for Instagram and Facebook Stories and have very little editing.

Is Your Atlanta Business in Need of Videos for Marketing?

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Why You Still Need Professional Video Marketing Services

Even if you regularly create off-the-cuff content to build a relationship with your audience, it’s important to put forth a professional first impression with a high-quality, planned marketing video. This is particularly important for lawyers, accountants, and realtors whose job requires a high level of trust.

5 Tips to Create a Great Local Marketing Video

Create engaging videos with these five tips.


Work with a Local Team

This may seem obvious, but it’s more than the short travel time to your office. Local video marketing agencies know the best locations for additional shots as well as what consumers want for local, Atlanta-focused content. They also have the pulse on what other local businesses are doing so you can stand out through your video.

Don’t Skip Pre-Production

While it’s tempting to rush through the preparation in order to finish the process and get your final video sooner, we don’t advise it. Pre-production is when you and your team develop the goal, script, location lists, and anything else you need. Without pre-production, you won’t have an effective shoot and the final product very likely won’t be what you’re envisioning.


Use More Than One Camera

One camera can work for webinars and Instagram Stories, but you’ll want two cameras to make sure your marketing videos are engaging for viewers. Two camera angles create visual change to keep videos interesting without having to film a video twice, once from each angle. This cuts down on your video shoot length as well so you can get back to work.

Always Use a Microphone

There are few things worse than putting hours of work into your marketing video only to barely make out what you’re saying. Using a microphone ensures that your message is easily understood while balancing the volume with music, if needed.

If you’re going to be filming at an outdoor location in your local area, make sure the microphone is equipped for wind and has enough cable or wireless range so your video team can get the shot they need without compromising on sound.


Great Shots Need Great Editing

Once the shoot itself is finished, the real work begins. Working with a talented video editor ensures that the final product uses your best takes, has high-quality audio, and that color correcting creates the desired final look. If you hire a video marketing agency, they should have the personnel needed to finish your video well so you can keep growing your company in Atlanta.

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