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Why Pay Per Click Doesn’t Work For Law Firms

By Marc Apple   ●    August 4, 2023   ●   2 min read

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    TL;DR Customized Google ads can significantly boost law firm traffic, avoiding generic pitfalls through tailored strategies, precise keyword selection, and compelling ad copy. Continuous optimization and a focus on user experience across digital assets are crucial for reducing costs and enhancing conversions.

    “Oh, pay per click ads don’t work for our practice area.”

    I hate to hear that because it’s probably true…but it didn’t need to be.

    But Aren’t They Effective?

    Google ads for law firms are actually one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your firm’s website or dedicated landing page, but there are common errors that often leave lawyers with less than desirable results.

    We don’t make those common errors.

    Instead, we operate 1:1 with our PPC clients.

    No “one size fits none” approach here because we’ve learned a custom approach is what goes into a winning digital ad strategy.

    It’s critical we understand exactly what you do and what your processes look so we pick the right keywords to drive the right traffic with the right expectations right to your door.

    What Usually Happens

    Big agencies run the right types of campaigns…but on the wrong platforms.

    We know you have to go beyond the basics of demographics to understand user behavior to deliver the right ad messages.

    Speaking of messages – you don’t convert prospects in a competitive marketplace with weak, generic ad copy.

    We know you need a strong professional voice that tells your practice’s story in a way that is compelling to your ideal clients.

    Even a brilliant ad can’t fix a disconnect somewhere else in your funnel.

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    We inspect every digital asset to make sure you’re providing site visitors and potential clients with a smooth and seamless online experience…everywhere.

    Finally, we test and optimize.

    We use what we learn to make your ads perform better, faster. This drives up conversions and drives down client acquisition costs over time. We reduce ad fatigue and keep associations with your firm’s messaging positive from point of click to point of contact.

    Try And Try Again

    So, if you think PPC doesn’t work, consider giving it another think.

    It’s time to partner with a client focused agency committed to creating PPC campaigns that do work.

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    Marc Apple

    Marc Apple is the founder of Forward Push, a marketing and advertising agency that helps law firms with creative, research-driven strategies. Known for solving marketing challenges and boosting client count and revenue, Marc offers tailored solutions for every firm. Reach out to discuss how his expertise can transform your marketing, or simply chat about music and BBQ.