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Why Location Matters For Law Firm SEO

By Marc Apple   ●    August 19, 2023   ●   2 min read

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    TL;DR Effective legal marketing SEO focuses on local targeting for firms dependent on geographic clientele. Key strategies include auditing digital assets, crafting localized content strategies, creating comprehensive client journey content, and optimizing Google Business Profiles.

    It’s no secret that missteps in your legal marketing SEO strategy can quickly become a source of great frustration.

    Chasing after prominent keywords can take too long to make a significant impact.

    In fact, it can drain you of valuable time and money without ever delivering the traffic your law firm needs.

    If You’re Office Is Location Dependent

    Because most of our clients are location dependent, the goal is for them to appear prominently in searches by locals.

    Unless your law firm operates on a national scale, you’ll primarily want leads from your own geographical area, right?

    That’s why we emphasize helping most of our clients rank for locally targeted keywords.

    There are proven ways we successfully drive traffic, but these steps make those efforts particularly effective:

    • Conducting a thorough audit of your digital assets to create an optimization plan. Without this, we won’t know whether you have an SEO-friendly website that can attract, engage, and convert organic traffic.
    • Putting together a content strategy that leverages keywords crucial to your practice areas, with a local touch so you stand out in your area.
    • Crafting content that addresses every step of the client’s journey, so prospective clients understand exactly what you offer and how they can engage with your services.
    • Using your Google Business Profile for sharing vital information with potential clients. GBP content also helps Google understand your target audience, increasing your chances of appearing organically in search results.

    If Your Aim Is To Expand Your Local Business, Optimizing For Local SEO Is Non-Negotiable.

    With the right tools and strategies, you can gain a competitive edge even in a saturated market.

    Working with the right partner is key to strategically building your online presence and authority, positioning you at the top of local search results.

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    Marc Apple

    Marc Apple is the founder of Forward Push, a marketing and advertising agency that helps law firms with creative, research-driven strategies. Known for solving marketing challenges and boosting client count and revenue, Marc offers tailored solutions for every firm. Reach out to discuss how his expertise can transform your marketing, or simply chat about music and BBQ.