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Why Law Firms Still Advertise

By Marc Apple   ●    March 7, 2023   ●   2 min read

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    TL;DR Even skipped digital ads can effectively enhance brand recognition and drive client engagement through strategic targeting and design, proving valuable for businesses seeking to increase visibility.

    How big do the wins in your firm need to be to move the needle? 🤔

    What if your “failures” were just as effective at driving up brand recognition, profits, or whatever KPI you’re chasing this quarter?

    I recently saw a comment here on LinkedIn by someone we’ll call Tanya (because that was her name). Tanya is a Business Attorney.

    She wondered why law firms were still advertising since everyone can just skip ads.

    Legal advisor questions ad skipping on social media post.
    youtube ads

    It’s a fair question.

    There’s no denying that <<skip ad>> has changed the game.

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    But what if I told you that not watching the ad can be just as effective at delivering new clients as viewing the whole darn thing?

    It’s true.

    Your brain is pretty quick on the draw when it comes to processing visual information.

    Hire a marketing agency that knows how to design an ad correctly and you may not even need to spend much – or maybe any – of your ad budget to achieve needle moving results.

    While yes, I want the consumers we target to watch the creative ads we produce for our clients…I know that we can get measurable results regardless of whether people <<skip ad>> or not.

    Our clients see the results too – every time they log into their ad portal – or when a customer we survey says, “yep, I saw them on YouTube!”

    So, hey, Tanya.

    Whether people watch them or not, correctly structured digital ads work when they’re served to a properly targeted audience.

    That’s why smart businesses are still running them.

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    Marc Apple

    Marc Apple is the founder of Forward Push, a marketing and advertising agency that helps law firms with creative, research-driven strategies. Known for solving marketing challenges and boosting client count and revenue, Marc offers tailored solutions for every firm. Reach out to discuss how his expertise can transform your marketing, or simply chat about music and BBQ.