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Understanding Google Screened For Legal Marketing

By Marc Apple   ●    July 22, 2023   ●   3 min read

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    TL;DR Google Screened offers law firms a pay-per-lead advertising model, enhancing online credibility and visibility through a Google Screened badge. Firms must pass a license check and maintain a minimum 3.0 Google rating.

    In the digital age, law firms are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach potential clients. One such avenue is Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs), which includes a feature known as Google Screened. This tool can be a game-changer for legal marketing, but it’s essential to understand its intricacies to maximize its benefits.

    Features And Benefits Of Google Screened

    Google Screened is a subset of Google’s Local Service Ads. When a law firm joins LSAs, it can get a Google Screened badge. This badge is available to law firms that choose to be part of LSAs (Local Services Ads).

    The law firm must pass a license check to get the badge. The check ensures that the firm is legitimate and compliant with the law. This verification process ensures that potential clients can trust the law firm to operate lawfully.

    The law firm must have a minimum rating of 3.0 on its Google Business Profile. Additionally, it needs to verify its license. Clients and others who have used the law firm’s services determine this rating through feedback and reviews. By maintaining a positive average rating, the law firm demonstrates its commitment to providing quality legal assistance and customer satisfaction.

    Boosting Business Growth With Google Screened

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    By participating in LSAs and acquiring the Google Screened badge, law firms can enhance their online visibility and attract more clients.

    The badge shows they are different from competitors and assures clients they are a legitimate and trustworthy legal service provider.

    This can greatly benefit law firms in terms of increasing their client base and ultimately growing their business provided it needs a valid license and must have an average rating of 3.0 or higher from online reviewers on Google Business. This badge can significantly enhance a firm’s visibility and credibility, making it a valuable tool for attracting high-quality leads.

    How Google Screened’s Pay-Per-Lead Model Works

    However, Google Screened is not a pay-per-click model; it’s pay-per-lead. Your firm’s budget is charged only when a lead calls. You can choose your weekly budget, the cost per lead, and the number of leads you want to receive each week. When your budget runs out, the carousel will no longer display your ad.

    Several factors, including your bid, responsiveness, online review average, and location, determine your ad’s ranking. Although you cannot control the location, you can optimize the other factors to improve your ad’s performance. According to Clio’s 2022 Legal Trends Report, clients consider responsiveness and positive online reviews crucial factors in selecting a law firm.

    Potential Pitfalls Of Google Screened

    However, Google Screened is not without potential pitfalls. For instance, you might pay for a lead that doesn’t align with your firm’s services.

    Google has a reimbursement program to reduce this risk. However, the program’s availability depends on the services you have on your Google Business Profile. Therefore, it’s crucial to be precise when setting up your account.

    Moreover, the local services ad carousel displays only three businesses at a time. Getting in the top three boosts visibility and leads, and you only pay if someone calls.

    Strategies For Success With Google Screened

    So, how can you succeed with Google Screened? The key lies in investing time and money wisely. Responsiveness is a critical factor that you can control.

    Making sure you never overlook a call from a Google Screened lead can have a beneficial effect on your ranking. If you’re available 24/7, your ad will receive a special badge, further boosting your ranking.

    Your Google Business Profile review average is another essential element. The better your average, the more effective your advertisement will be. Encouraging satisfied clients to leave positive reviews can significantly enhance your online reputation and ad performance.

    Maximizing Benefits Of Google Screened

    In conclusion, Google Screened can be a powerful tool for legal marketing when used strategically. By understanding and improving how it works, you can use it to attract good leads and grow your law firm. Remember, the success of any marketing campaign lies in your ability to close the deal. Google Screened helps you attract ready-to-hire leads, making it a valuable investment for your firm.

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