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The Power Of A Proactive SEO Strategy For Law Firms

By Marc Apple   ●    August 24, 2023   ●   2 min read

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    TL;DR For law firms, overlooking competitors' SEO efforts can lead to losing rankings. Competitors might use digital marketing agencies to find and exploit content gaps, aiming to surpass you in search results.

    It’s always good advice to stay focused on your own path.

    But when it comes to marketing your law firm, particularly SEO, ignoring your competitors’ moves can actually hinder your success.

    Imagine you’d been steadily ranking in search results…when suddenly, your position takes a hit.

    It could be a new algorithm tweak affecting your visibility, but it might also mean your competitors are stepping up their game.

    Don’t Let Competitors Outrank You

    Perhaps they’ve enlisted the expertise of a full-service digital marketing agency.

    The first thing that agency did was start identifying gaps in YOUR content that they could exploit to outmaneuver you in the rankings.

    They’re probably also circling your weaker content right now.

    Meticulously crafting an SEO-focused strategy to knock your pages and content from the top positions.

    Because this agency is taking a comprehensive approach, they’ve also conducted a meticulous audit of their own client’s content and digital assets.

    Uncovering gaps, while systematically eliminating deficiencies and creating big opportunities.

    The Visible Impact On Your Rankings

    Now you’re paying attention.

    You’ll probably start noticing your competitor’s content becoming more meaningful to the marketplace…and to search engines.

    What’s more, the agency is optimizing internal linking, metadata, and other critical details to gradually establish SERP dominance on those coveted keyword phrases you once thought were yours alone.

    I know what’s happening because this is what we do every day for our law firm clients.

    To win – and keep – the attention of your ideal customers online, you’ve got to understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

    While many tools can assist you with competitor research, nothing beats personalized guidance from a seasoned team of strategists, creatives, and technical experts.

    Let’s connect today to chat about how we can increase your firm’s online visibility.

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    Marc Apple

    Marc Apple is the founder of Forward Push, a marketing and advertising agency that helps law firms with creative, research-driven strategies. Known for solving marketing challenges and boosting client count and revenue, Marc offers tailored solutions for every firm. Reach out to discuss how his expertise can transform your marketing, or simply chat about music and BBQ.