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Atlanta Bar Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section

By Marc Apple   ●    April 25, 2023   ●   1 min read

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    TL;DR At an Atlanta Bar event, Nkoyo-Ene Effiong shared insights on building a successful law practice through defining target audiences, understanding their needs, and developing targeted content.

    The key to doing more while working less…

    …plus, lunch and networking?

    That sounds perfect.

    We are a sponsor of the Atlanta Bar Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section and I really look forward to sitting in on the presentations.

    Especially when you have someone with the energy and expertise of Nkoyo-Ene Effiong sharing actionable insights to help lawyers build a practice that excites them.

    Of course, being in legal marketing, it grabs my attention whenever the presenter shares about successful law office branding.

    I was nodding along when Nkoyo recommended:

    • Defining Your Target Audience
    • Understanding the Solutions They’re Seeking
    • Developing Content to Attract the Right Clients

    Just like successful law practices, successful legal marketing strategies are built by design – not default.

    Nkoyo urged members of the audience to identify their strengths, interests, and passions and use those personal qualities to establish a brand that puts their unique value proposition front and center.

    She also recommended finding people who can help busy solo or small firm practitioners test and tweak their messaging so that they end up with the lucrative firm they deserve.

    The entire time she was center stage she just kept sharing valuable tip after valuable tip on how to build a successful law office brand.

    I know I speak for everyone when I say how much the entire audience truly appreciated her dedication to helping solo and small firm practitioners thrive.

    Already looking forward to the next event!

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    Marc Apple

    Marc Apple is the founder of Forward Push, a marketing and advertising agency that helps law firms with creative, research-driven strategies. Known for solving marketing challenges and boosting client count and revenue, Marc offers tailored solutions for every firm. Reach out to discuss how his expertise can transform your marketing, or simply chat about music and BBQ.