Pay Per Click for Small Businesses

You need a well-planned campaign to get a great return on your investment.
The quickest way for businesses to reach a motivated audience of customers seeking your services.

Have Your Pay Per Click Investment Go Farther
And Get The Results You Want

Plan Test


We start with in-depth industry and competitor research, including keywords and traffic, to craft an effective campaign strategy.

We’ll conduct an analysis of initiatives you’re already running, and work with you to set objectives and long-term goals.

Build Test


We custom build your campaigns on the foundation of our research, to target the right customers and actively pursue your growth goals.

You'll be able to review and sign off on your ad content, budgeting, and campaign strategies, so you can prepare for new leads.

Optimize Test


Once your campaign launches, we’ll keep adjusting them based on performance to make sure you’re getting the traffic you want to see.

You’ll get clear reports and regular updates from your dedicated PPC account manager and have access to support at all times.



Pay Per Click Advertising for Small Businesses

Our small business marketing and advertising experts are ready to help you.

A Strategy That Fits Your Business’ Goals

You need a advertising strategy that elevates your brand and communicates who you are effectively.
We’ll create and implement a strategy that achieves that and much more.

Good Research

Laying the PPC Foundation

PPC is a very competitive field, so solid research is a must for a successful campaign.

We start with in-depth research on your ideal audience, pinpointing locations, demographics, search queries and other factors that will help us target your ads effectively and bring in high-quality leads. Our team also performs keyword research and competitive research, so we can see what’s working for your competitors and use that to optimize our approach.

CRO Paid Advertising Forward Push

Goal-Directed Business Strategies

Building a PPC Campaign for Your Business

Strategy is all-important to ensuring your PPC efforts will be a success, and we have the expertise to engineer cost-effective approaches and create ads designed to convert. Building on the foundation of our research, our ads combine targeted and compelling design, strong buyer-focused messaging, mobile-optimized ad formats and conversion-driven landing page strategy. We also tailor our bidding strategies to fit your budget, cost-per-lead and lead volume goals.

Informed Decisions

We See What’s Working and Use That

When it comes to PPC, you can’t afford to just launch a campaign and hope it brings in the results you desire – you need an agile and dynamic strategy to beat out your competitors. That’s why we use technology and careful analysis to monitor our campaigns and adapt to the data that comes in.

Our PPC ad optimization strategies include real-time reporting across search engines, tracked calls and leads, and automatic campaign adjustments based on the latest data.


Rick Mottern

Insurance Agency Owner, State Farm Insurance

“Forward Push has been helping our insurance agency with advertising for a few years now. It's a great way to get our name out and stay top of mind with the people we are trying to reach. I know we can always call on them when we have questions about marketing!"

Rick Mottern
A Partner In CollaborationAnd Reporting

Understanding The Process and Results

Full Transparency in Reporting

You will be able to view detailed reports and see the real results from every effort. You’ll also have 24/7 access to our portal and the ability to monitor things like number of leads per day or month, actual conversion rates, cost-per-lead and other important metrics. We can adjust your campaigns to bring in more leads or fewer each month as your PPC goals change. Our team will handle everything for you, but you will always be informed and in control.

Qualified Leads

Pay Per Click for Small Business Owners

Pay-per-click gives small businesses a fast track on bringing in high-quality, highly motivated leads. Higher quality leads means higher conversion rates, making the added expense of a PPC campaign a justified one. You will also see results more quickly than with SEO and other efforts.

However, because PPC can be so competitive, the bidding budget and cost-per-lead can quickly get out of hand if you don’t know what you’re doing. Or a poorly-targeted campaign may simply yield disappointing results.

You need a considered, experienced approach to building each campaign and an agile strategy to yield a good return on your investment.

Male and female business owners in an office for small business marketing

How We Help You Succeed

Our focused inbound marketing expertise means your campaigns will be strategic, solutions-based and driven by results at every turn.

Reach Audience Test

Reach A Wider Audience

Drive Traffic Test

Higher Quality Traffic

Brand Credibility Test

Stregthen Your Brand Credibility

Boost Content Test

Boost Content Visibility

Marketing Intel Test

Gather Marketing Intel


5 Reasons Pay Per Click Matters for Small Businesses


You Get Fast Results

PPC advertising yields faster results than most other digital marketing efforts by putting your listing in front of the right people at precisely the moment they’re looking for what you have to offer. While you need to have a good website, strong SEO, social media presence and other digital marketing strategies in place, PPC can be a more proactive strategy for bringing in leads. It can also bring in a higher volume, and more qualified leads than other methods. PPC is a very useful tool to have in your small business marketing toolkit.


PPC Ads Are Highly Targeted

One of the best things about pay-per-click ads is how well you can target the buyers you’re seeking. Are you looking to reach more customers in a certain area? PPC can target them. Do you want to bring in more younger or older buyers, women, men, people in a certain income bracket, or maybe those seeking a new product or service you offer? PPC can do that, too. Even if you aren’t actively looking to target a certain demographic, PPC targeting will make sure your ads get seen by the searchers most likely to want what you have to sell.


Pay Per Click Can Be Very Cost Effective

PPC can be more expensive than some other marketing efforts, but the quality of the leads and the fact that you only pay when a user reaches out can make it a good value for your money. It is much more efficient than traditional advertising, and a well-managed campaign can yield an impressive return on investment. You just need to make sure your PPC campaign is guided by an experienced hand and monitored closely.


Precision Monitoring

The beauty of PPC is that you really can see what’s working down to the very smallest details. Everything from cost-per-lead, to keywords that work, to times of day when people are most likely to call or click can be used to optimize every effort. Detailed data on the effectiveness of your ads and actual conversion rates will show you exactly how well your campaigns are working. You simply don’t get this kind of feedback from other types of ads.


Impressive Flexibility

Adjust your campaigns to meet your goals for growth. Start small, then scale up or down as needed whenever you want. You can even use the flexibility of PPC to test and optimize new efforts. Maybe you want to bring in a lot of leads during certain times of year when demand tends to be high, or perhaps your efforts are yielding so much business you need to scale your PPC back. You can adjust the number or leads you get per month, change your budget in an instant and tailor your strategy to meet any set of goals.

How to Choose a Pay Per Click Agency?

An Experienced Agency

Small Business PPC Experience

Pay-per-click has a lot of advantages, but the expense involved means you need a careful plan. If you don’t have one, you can easily find yourself spending way too much for far too few results. And managing a pay-per-click campaign takes expertise, time, skills and effort.

You need a digital marketing agency that has specific experience with small business PPC. In this competitive arena, you need a team with the skills to create effective ads and landing pages and the experience to sustain a tactical bidding strategy. A good PPC team will know how to perform the right research, where to direct your budget, and how to maintain your campaigns for greatest success.

Connect Directly with Customers

Measurable Goals

A PPC Strategy That Fits Your Brand

A good PPC strategy for small business starts with research into competitors and into the customers your business serves. It should also include clear and open communication regarding your expectations and goals.

The best agencies will present you with a tailored PPC plan and create benchmarks for measuring success. They should also understand how PPC marketing fits into your larger online marketing strategy.

Optimized with Data and Feedback

Clear and Concise PPC Reporting

Your PPC marketing agency partner should provide regular reporting on how your campaigns are working and be able to show you metrics on lead volume, conversion rate and cost-per lead.

The marketing team should handle all the work for you and monitor your campaigns closely to maximize their effect. Most importantly, they should ask for and listen to your feedback on how you want your campaigns run – and your budget spent – over time.

We Measure ResultsAnd Adapt

They Wanted To Take Their Marketing To The Next Level

How we helped a Shark Tank winner go from funded to massive sales.


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Increase In Revenue

Why Should You Choose Forward Push to Handle Your PPC Advertising?

Below are some of the ways that we can help you succeed in the competitive PPC space and gain new customers through pay-per-click marketing.


We Have Years of Experience in Small Business PPC

Our team has engineered countless PPC campaigns for small businesses just like yours and we know how to succeed in this field. The PPC game is always changing, and the competition can be aggressive and unafraid to spend heavily. Don’t choose an agency without solid small business PPC experience, or you may find yourself spending too much for disappointing results.

Quality PPC Campaigns, Done Right

Our talented team will launch you a PPC campaign that’s built to succeed. With our in-depth background research, compelling ads and landing pages, and expert monitoring and optimization strategies, you’ll get everything you need to ensure your PPC budget makes the maximum impact.

Legal Who We Help Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting, For Results You Can See

You will never have to wonder if your ads are working or whether you’re getting a good value for spend. We’ll give you access to our 24/7 leads and marketing portal and keep you updated with regular reports.

Eric Shanfelt

Owner, Author Local Marketing Institute

“I've worked with Forward Push on organic Facebook marketing and was impressed by the tactics that they recommended. They didn't try to cheat the system, fool algorithms or any of that junk. Instead, they just had practical ideas that could be relatively easily implemented and that actually helped increase the exposure of the business and gain more customers."


Now Is The Time To Amplify
Your Small Business's SEO


Website Design

Projecting your professional on a site engineered to draw leads and convert visitors into satisfied clients. We build your site to do the hard work of finding and convincing people to hire you.


Social Media

Cultivate your online reputation with curated posts that build credibility and trust in your business. We’ll help you communicate your expertise and connect with new people.


Search Engine Optimization

Driving organic search through active strategy, keyword research, and content creation. Our SEO methods are tailored to the specific demands of the competitive business landscape.

Accelerate Paid Growth Atlanta Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Reaching new clients goes beyond your website and search. We’ll put you in their social feeds reminding them of your business, what you provide, and much more.


Content Creation

Drawing in new clients depends on a strong content strategy. We create articles, newsletters, podcasts, videos to win the trust of those considering your business.

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