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Learn how helped the maker of a cool haircutting invention increase brand awareness through SEM, social media advertising and YouTube ads showcasing the product.



CreaClip makes an innovative tool that helps people cut their hair at home. They knew they had a terrific product people would want to try once they saw it in action, but they needed help with the actual ins and outs of getting their product seen.


Increase In Users


Increase In Traffic From Social Media


Increase In Revenue


CreaClip makes a cleverly designed hair clip that helps users get a professional-quality hair trim or cut at home. The clip holds hair in place while you cut, so even untrained users can achieve polished and even results. The company also makes products that help with at home manicures, pet grooming and makeup applications.

CreaClips come in straight and rounded shapes, allowing users to cut an even straight or curved line. They are fitted with tiny levels inside to guide placement and avoid crooked cuts. The clips can be used to cut short hair, long hair, bangs and many kinds of layers, and their site features useful tutorials showing you how to use the product to create a variety of men’s and women’s styles.

The inventor of the CreaClip, Mai Lieu, was a celebrity stylist in the beauty industry for 20 years before creating her product. She has been featured on HSN, QVC UK and the Rachel Ray Show, and received backing from Lori Greiner after appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The Problem

People Need To See The Product In Action

CreaClip knew they had a great product, and everyone who had seen a demonstration or tried it seemed to agree. The company wanted to grow further awareness of their brand and use that momentum to drive more site visits and sales.

CreaClips Youtube Video in Tablet

They had tried running a few paid social ads on their own, but were struggling with them and seeing limited results. The company also had no idea how to mount a successful brand awareness push – or how to use YouTube or Google Shopping paid advertising – and they lacked the necessary knowledge and skills to run successful digital advertising campaigns across different platforms.

CreaClip needed an expert in paid advertising strategies to provide guidance on what to do and why to do it. They also needed someone to implement these campaigns and closely track them once they got going.

Forward Push came on and provided the professional digital marketing help CreaClip needed. We were able to leverage an impactful, strategic paid advertising strategy across multiple platforms to achieve the results the company wanted to see.

Our Solution

Establishing Expertise & Making The Right Bids

  • Persona Development
  • Website Content
  • Brand Awareness
  • Video Blogging
  • Paid Advertising: Search, Social, Google Shopping and YouTube

CreaClip is a visual product, so videos were the linchpin of our strategy. We optimized a selection of YouTube videos demonstrating the product to create the brand awareness and engagement the client was seeking. Our team also added educational content to their website to help visitors learn more about CreaClip.

These laid the groundwork for our video-focused paid social media ad strategy. YouTube ads are a natural choice for such a visual product, so we focused our energy there.

Our paid search strategy for CreaClip focused on Google shopping ads. These gave us an ideal opportunity to show off the product at the top of the page – great brand exposure – and an excellent value for spend when people clicked through.

SEO Icon Test

Drive Website Traffic

Cross Platform Test

Greater Brand And Product Awareness

Foster Leads Test

Increased Sales

The Strategies We Implemented

Persona development and audience targeting helped us make sure our paid ads would be seen by the right people on all platforms. We crafted the ads to speak to that audience and properly highlight the strengths of the product.

Detailed tracking, reporting and analysis let us optimize the campaigns for maximum effectiveness. We used our data to identify and amplify the highest performing initiatives.

Develop Brand Test

New Educational Website Content

Video Test

YouTube Videos And Ads Showcasing The Product

Social Media Test

Paid Social Ads

Paid Ad Test

Google Shopping Ads


A New Audience For CreaClip

Using our technology to optimize these paid campaigns helped CreaClip’s marketing budget go further and yield better results. They are seeing a better value for spend, increased traffic from both paid ads and organic search and more direct website traffic, too.


Increase In Users


Increase In Traffic From Social Media


Increase In Revenue
CreaClips Google Search Computer

Satisfied Clients

Business Marketing Knowledge

New people are finally hearing about CreaClip products through our comprehensive strategy, and they’re acting on that by clicking on ads or looking the company up online.

Our targeted ad tactics have brought them way more qualified leads, and our video content strategy keeps working to create the buzz and interest they want.

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