Real Estate Agents Successfully Generate Leads on TikTok

In the early days of the platform, TikTok was largely a place to create sound memes and perform viral dances. The average user was in their teens. Creators were only beginning to establish themselves as the platform moved toward commercialization and monetization by influencers.

As a result, a lot of real estate professionals didn’t see TikTok as a viable place to spend their social media time. But as the platform has grown up, its user base has aged up as well.

In fact, 66.9% of TikTok users are over the age of 19.

If you’re a real estate agent and you’ve not tried your hand at building an audience on TikTok, there’s still time to catch the wave.

Here are some tips from fellow real estate professionals who saw the potential of TikTok in the early days and who are now generating referrals, leads, and valuable network connections based on the appeal of their content.

TikTok for Lead Generation: Figuring out the Fundamentals of the Platform

TikTok’s basic appeal is that it lets people share short, fun, or informative video content. This is what makes TikTok such a natural platform for real estate professionals. Realtors have access to great properties that capture the attention of people scrolling through their feeds. Plus, an experienced real estate professional can answer a lot of questions people have about the buying or selling process or advice on how to hire an agent.

And there is only a limited amount of dancing required.

Do I Have to Dance or Be Silly to Be Successful?

While TikTok has evolved from a place where kids were showing off their latest viral dance moves, there is still a strong element of TikTok content that is built on viral trends like dances, voice memes, and other frivolity.

And like with any social media platform you create content for, ignoring the culture of the platform will cause your reach to suffer.

@realtorkellieparker ✨JUST SOLD✨ in Castro Valley, CA #justsold #castrovalley #realestate #bayarea #realestateagent #california #cali #weichertagent #realtortiktok #bayarearealtor #weichertrealtors ♬ yeah hot people use this sound – cxaluv

“Sure, there’s still a lot of dancing and other non-substantive content…but if you scratch below the surface, there are a ton of amazing people to learn from and who want to learn from you,” says Kellie Parker, a REALTOR® Sales Associate at Weichert Realtors in Newark, CA.

Parker attributes her growing success on TikTok to creating a quality content blend that balances trends that attract eyeballs – and the algorithm – with content that is accessible and easy to consume.

Sharing basic information about real estate is important to create an educated and loyal audience of buyers and sellers. By sharing helpful information, you appeal to potential clients who remember you when it’s time to transact business.

Sharing Successful Real Estate Transactions Makes Great Content

You already know that future clients are on TIkTok – spending nearly 52 minutes a day perusing content that catches their attention. When people are starting to think about buying or selling a property, they want to work with successful real estate brokers.

Showing off your latest listing in a fun way can work just like a lead generation campaign to get your best work in front of potential customers. Punchy “just listed” and “just sold” graphics can stop the scroll, especially if you find clever ways to make the most of what’s hot right now on the platform.

Celebrate the successes of your current clients to win future business. Don’t forget to take advantage of fun calls to action to get people to like and follow you.

@alexander_zakhari DM me or shoot en email if you want it🔥 #realestate #newyork #apartment #forrent ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

New York area real estate professional, Alexander Zahari, credits TikTok with much of the success he’s enjoyed in his career. He takes advantage of gorgeous NYC neighborhood listings and sprinkles in typical, irreverent TikTok content to engage his 520k+ followers.

This strategy has earned him millions in business (and millions of likes on TikTok).

Getting Started on TikTok is Easier Than You Think

Your target audience is on TikTok and there’s never been a better time to try your hand at creating quality content for the platform.

While it may appear that 30 seconds (or less) of content shouldn’t take more than a minute to produce, don’t fall into the trap of putting in subpar effort.

“You can tell when someone spends 5 seconds on a TikTok vs. taking an hour to get it right,” says Josh Brost. The Keller Williams- Green Bay agent also says if you aren’t an agent who is comfortable in front of a camera, don’t force it.

If putting yourself out there and letting yourself be a little silly isn’t for you, your content will suffer. Just like all the social platforms that have come before it, TikTok thrives on your authentic take on the short form video format.

Some of Our Favorite Real Estate Professionals on TikTok

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started on TikTok, here are some of our favorite real estate TikTok accounts. Give them a look and give them a follow.

Best Address Group Joe Himali and the team at Best Address Group do a great job with showing off great neighborhoods and the fans they come across while creating content.

North Valley Group Don’t mind Phil 🙂 but these guys know how to have fun while selling real estate. Great use of trending TikTok content.

Kambiz Ahmadi Kambiz is a masterful storyteller and despite the short nature of TikTok content, he maximizes the effectiveness of every second.

Glennda Baker Local agent in the ATL with a feed packed with content that informs, entertains, and sells her services without being sale-y.

Kellie Parker’s TIkTok on steering. An excellent example of explaining a complex real estate concept in a very accessible way.

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