Website Design for Small Businesses in San Rafael

When designing a website for your small business, it’s important to think about both the details and the big picture. From how your website is viewed to using social media long-term, it’s important to consider the marketing help you may need for your small business. San Rafael and Marin County have a wide array of small businesses, which means you need to stand out.

Website design is more than grabbing a template. It’s an ongoing process that changes with technology. We’re grateful to have worked with many great companies, all of which have benefitted from our three step process.


Three Steps to a New Online Presence

When we begin website development for a small business, we focus on a three step process that has helped many Marin County businesses find success.

  • Discovery
  • Build & launch
  • Return on investment

Discovering Your Company’s Unique Influence

Your small business’ website doesn’t happen overnight. To give the best marketing help possible, we begin with a discovery process. This discovery is a way to find out more about what makes you unique. By learning these influences, we can offer the best website development help for your business in San Rafael.

This discovery focuses on three different pieces:

  • Who you are
  • Who your ideal customer is
  • Who your competitors are

You can’t create a quality website without knowing who you are. What’s your story? What makes you unique? By taking the time to first hear about you, we can create a unique plan that takes your story into consideration.

Without knowing your ideal customer, it’s impossible to use your marketing dollars effectively. This is also true for your competitors because it’s important to know how to set yourself apart.

Building and Launching Your Company’s Website

Once we finish the discovery, our team of experienced website developers, graphic designers, and writers will work as a team to create your website. Website design for small businesses requires a unique skill set, one that we’ve finely tuned through working with companies in multiple industries.

A quality website will have the following pieces:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Optimized for search engine optimization
  • Quality copywriting
  • Research-backed website development

Because your customers are browsing on mobile devices more, your website needs to accommodate smaller screens. Search engine optimization is how your website is found through Google, and it’s possible to use this in order to help your business be found in San Rafael.

The writing on your website shares your story, which means it needs to be concise. And when paired with a website developer that knows how to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website, you’ll be unstoppable. Every page on your website is carefully planned to offer the most value possible to your customers.


Creating a Return on Your Investment

The final step isn’t launching your website. It’s creating a long-term, well-rounded marketing plan. This plan will use your new website as well as marketing tools to reach new and existing customers.

Marketing your Marin County business’ website involves three pieces:

  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

Blogging helps share your industry views, which helps share what makes you unique. You have a point of view, so share it! Email marketing is a valuable way to connect with existing customers and is designed to help increase sales and communication.

Social media is the last part of this phase, which requires a team that knows the latest updates and what channels will best serve you. We’ll create a plan, find and create the content, and track the progress.

When there’s a strong blogging strategy in place, there is more quality content to share on social media. This helps bring in more visitors to your fresh, new website.

Real-Life Website Development Success Stories

We’ve been fortunate to work with a number of companies in San Rafael, and each has a unique perspective we helped bring to their website.

Website Design for a Storyteller


Fitzsimmons Communications began in 2003 in San Rafael, offering nonprofits and businesses high-quality writing services. Kate Fitzsimmons loves storytelling, so we wanted to create a website that showcased that. As a group that also loves telling stories, we knew we would make a great team.

While many of our clients are also looking for writing assistance, Kate already had this piece done. However, she knows the power of a well-executed website, which is why she came to us. We developed a website that features her services, making it mobile-friendly and optimized for SEO.

“I love writing the content, but the site architecture and upkeep are so important. No matter how ‘pretty’ a site looks on the surface, much of the structural work is done where most of us never look, behind the virtual curtain. Marc is the real deal, along with his illustrious team.”

We know the importance of storytelling, and are grateful to work with Fitzsimmons Communications to grow and help more companies.

Website Development for an Apple-Support Company


Option Click Consulting has helped develop Apple-related tech support, offering Marin County residents a chance to make their technology more fun to use. We wanted to highlight Jon Hartman’s Apple certifications to help build credibility.

It was also important to us to develop a website that was easy to navigate. Because many of his potential customers are looking for technology-related help, they may not be able to navigate a complicated website.

“Forward Push was great to work with. They have a great “process” that makes building a website easy. Not only was I able to get my website designed, I had my logo created and copy written by the Forward Push team. Get it done right from the start.”

Because of our diverse team, we were able to pull in different team members to develop a brand that Jon can be proud of, and a website that helps him grow his business.

Injecting Personality into Website Development


When Buzz Photo Booths in San Rafael came to us, we immediately knew that developing this small business’ website meant creating one that was fun to look at. Photo booths create a fun environment at a party, so their website needed to be professional while showcasing their personality.

There are many photo booth photographers in the San Rafael area, so we needed to set Buzz Photo Booths apart. It was important to use their website to showcase their professional setup. This includes their high-quality lighting and cameras, high resolution photos, and some wildly unique props.

“… When we needed a new website for Buzz Photo Booths that would allow us to display our work and be easy for us to upload images every week, we turned to Forward Push for help. They were able to take our design ideas and create a website that shows off our style and is easy to update.

“Now that the site is up… they took the time to train us on the backend of a WordPress website. They also do this by sending very comprehensive and easy to follow videos that address anything we need to make our job as pain free as possible.”

Ralph Sciutti and his co-owner wanted a website that they could update themselves, and we were happy to oblige. We want business owners to feel empowered to build their company through smart marketing changes.

By giving Buzz Photo Booths the right tools, they are able to focus on their business, not wondering if their website is working.

Making Accounting Interesting for Potential Customers


Accounting isn’t a topic many would consider exciting. So when Brandon Dante came to us for website design for his San Rafael business, we knew we needed to make something unique. Books in Balance’s website emphasizes Brandon’s excitement for accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes and how he can help small businesses.

“Forward Push has been a big asset to our company… We have used two different companies in the past with limited results. Marc came in and created a more robust website for us and has been instrumental in getting the word out about the services we offer to individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

 “Where other companies provided a more cookie cutter approach, Marc and his team continue to give us an organic service. It has made a difference in traffic and ROI.”

We love Brandon’s vision of creating a company that’s about other companies, and we’re excited to see the ROI from this new website.

Developing a website is about knowing who you are, who you want to reach, and your competitors. In order to best reach your ideal customers, it’s important to build a website that meets your needs and can be found. Then, we finish by providing marketing help so your Marin County small business can grow.