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North Atlanta Hair Restoration

Learn how we helped a doctor grow his practice through advertising and a full suite of digital marketing services.


North Atlanta Hair Restoration is a medical practice specializing in hair restoration.
They had been using standard marketing practices to bring in business, but they wanted to advance and expand what they were doing to drive even more growth.


Increase In Leads


Increase In Appointment Requests


Increase In Paid Traffic


North Atlanta Hair Restoration is the Alpharetta, Georgia-based medical practice of Dr. Daniel A. Danyo, MD. The doctor is one the few practitioners who performs all his procedures himself from start to finish, and he is a leading expert in no-shave hair restoration that leaves no noticeable scarring.

Dr. Danyo specializes in a variety of hair restoration therapies for men and women, including both traditional and no-shave follicular unit extraction (FUE), platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP), scalp micropigmentation, and adipose stem cell treatment. He also does eyebrow and beard hair restoration and performs corrective hair transplant surgeries for failed or deficient previous procedures.

Patients travel from all over the world to see Dr. Danyo at North Atlanta Hair Restoration, and he has performed over 1 million graft excisions and placements as one of the foremost practitioners of Shave-less FUE in the world. As a hair restoration patient himself, he is dedicated to helping people feel more confident through these techniques.

Dr. Daniel Danyo

North Atlanta Hair Restoration

“Forward Push is simply the best! Their guidance and industry knowledge has been a huge asset to our business.”

Dr. Daniel Danyo, Owner of the North Atlanta Hair Restoration

The Problem

They Wanted to Take Their Marketing to the Next Level

North Atlanta Hair Restoration had been around for some time and they’d tried a lot of the recommended marketing practices for service providers like them. But they wanted to really grow the practice and start bringing in more clients, and they knew they were going to need to do more to make that happen.

They needed a full-service agency to steward their efforts, and they wanted someone with a strong digital marketing background and a track record of helping medical service providers specifically.

Forward Push fit the bill perfectly, so they hired us to overhaul their marketing. We started with in-depth research focused on user needs and the competition, and developed an integrated digital strategy to help them meet their goals.

NAHR Computer and Phone

Our Solution

A New Website, Then Content, Social, and Paid Campaigns

  • Persona Development
  • Website Design
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The first thing we did was build North Atlanta Hair Restoration a new website, with a great look and UX plus SEO to drive traffic, retention and trust. We optimized it for conversion and added features like a chatbot and text messaging capabilities for scheduling telemedicine appointments.

We later added a virtual consultation process to meet patients’ pandemic needs, and it features a HIPAA-compliant text messaging platform where users can send in photos.

Next, we created blogs, videos and a podcast to amplify Dr. Danyo’s authoritative voice and help him share his specialized knowledge. We use this content on the website and throughout his social media platforms to help him reach and engage with new users. It also works as a linchpin for our branding efforts, as we center North Atlanta Hair Restoration's brand identity on his experience and elite expertise.

Paid social ads helped us reach more new clients and send a steady stream of leads to the website. The biggest push, however, came from our targeted Google Ads PPC campaigns aimed at netting highly-qualified leads.

User Targeted Content Test

Increased Number Of Qualified Leads

Advanced Analytics Test

Greater Conversion Rates

Direct Engagement Test

Establish An Authoritative Voice

The Strategies We Implemented

By focusing on a creating a highly-usable and useful website for users and a strong brand identity built around Dr. Danyo himself, we have laid a strong foundation for all our inbound efforts.

Now, when an ad, search or social sends someone to the North Atlanta Hair Restoration website, they find a wealth of information about the procedures, authoritative blog posts and podcasts about hair loss and restoration, and easy tools to schedule a consultation or request an evaluation.

Those paid ads and searches are sending a great deal of traffic to the site, indeed. And our paid ads with real before and after pictures have led to many customers finding their way to Dr. Danyo’s door.

The paid campaigns have driven steady growth at a low cost per lead and yielded an impressive uptick in conversions. These are amplified by a targeted landing page strategy and extensive CRO throughout the site.

Intuitive Layout

Website Focused On Users

Optimized Local SEO Test

On And Off Page SEO

Blogging Test

Content Creation

IncreaseEngagement Test

Social Media

Build Test

Paid Ads


An Impressive Increase in Leads and Conversions

With our integrated strategies in place, North Atlanta Hair Restoration got the growth they were looking for and the foundation for their future success. Their strong digital presence combined with our adaptive tactics and analytics helps them generate an impressive value for spend, as well.


Increase In Leads


Increase In Appointment Requests


Increase In Paid Traffic

Dr. Daniel Danyo

North Atlanta Hair Restoration

“Forward Push is attentive, professional, and right on target with growing a small business into big-league marketing.”

Dr. Daniel Danyo, Owner of the North Atlanta Hair Restoration

Satisfied Clients

Healthcare Marketing Knowledge

Now, the practice is seeing the increased leads they wanted and using new and agile digital strategies to drive a competitive advantage.

They have access to our team’s professional guidance and expertise whenever they need it, and the best digital marketing working tools hard 24/7 on their behalf.

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