Lead Generation Cards Provide New Local Marketing Opportunities

In May 2013, Twitter introduced Lead Generation Cards, and a few months later, they threw the door open to the public, enhancing Twitter for local SMBs. Early public data has demonstrated significant traction with conversion rates, including one case study that saw a 4.6% engagement rate and created 1,700 new email contacts within a week. In other words, they’re a viable option in your social media management plan.

So what exactly are Twitter Lead Generation Cards? In short, they’re essentially a web ad embedded into your tweet, complete with links and call to action. Whether users are on a mobile app or Twitter on the web, they can take the call to action by filling in requested information. On the back end, configuration and metrics gives users plenty of ways to optimize Twitter for local SMBs. Analytics provide detailed conversion rates and budget limits while design configuration provides users with versatile options, including layouts specifically for coupons, newsletter subscriptions, and sign-ups.

Let’s consider an example. Say you’re an independent coffee shop and you’ve built a small social media following in an effort to compete with the major chains around town. By using a Lead Generation Card, you can have multiple levels of engagement:

  • One campaign to provide followers with a coupon upon clickthrough
  • A second campaign to offer further benefits and bonuses through an email newsletter
  • A third campaign to sign up for an event

 Lead Generation Cards can change the way local SMBs use Twitter. Instead of merely engaging in conversation, you’re enticing your social media base with active benefits. In this case, this drives immediate foot traffic (coupon) and long-term customer relationship management (newsletter).

 Social media has changed the way local SMBs handle lead generation, and as platforms continue to evolve, new innovations offer a menu of options to build and maintain a customer basis. Do you want to learn more about optimizing Twitter for local SMBs? Forward Push Media offers complete social media management services. Contact us now to see how Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards can drive your revenue.

By Marc Apple