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The Answer is the Same For Small Local Business to Large Corporations

Organic internet search traffic is a significant source of customers for any business, whether a mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar store or a large international conglomerate. A recent study published by Conductor offers insights into how large enterprises view SEO and the importance of quality online content in the promotion of their businesses. Small business owners can benefit from seeing what these large operations consider important when it comes to SEO and internet content. As a small business owner, you recognize the need for an online presence.

If you are typical of many small business owners, you pay somebody to set up a basic website with a few pages of information liberally sprinkled with keywords for your industry, then you move on to running your business without giving the website or additional SEO work much thought. But, the fact is that providing high quality content updated frequently is a key factor in making your SEO efforts effective. This is reflected in the findings of the Conductor study.

Conductor SEO ToolBig Business’s View of SEO

The Conductor study showed that the following are the top goals of big business managers for their companies’ SEO efforts in 2015:

  • Get more customer leads.
  • Get more website traffic.
  • Increase website conversion rates.
  • Improve search rankings for company content.

It is easy to see why these goals are important to businesses of any size. Improving search rankings leads to higher website traffic, but how do you translate that higher traffic into more leads and better conversion rates?

The Conductor study reveals what big business thinks. When asked to identify the most effective SEO tactics, the big business respondents listed quality content creation and frequent site updating as their top priorities, followed by conventional SEO tactics such as keyword management, social media activity and link building.

The big business managers recognize that creating quality content for frequent site updates is among the more difficult SEO tactics to implement effectively. It is interesting to note that the study shows that a significant number of big businesses rely on out-sourcing for some or all of their SEO work, with seven percent of companies relying entirely on outside SEO experts, 54 percent calling upon outside help to assist their in-house SEO staff, and only 39 percent of companies handling their SEO work entirely in-house.

The Importance of Quality Content to SEO

The Conductor study discussed some of the structural factors in big business SEO management that lead to less than optimal results. One of the big problems is having technical SEO specialists who focus on improving search rankings without understanding that potential customers respond to the quality of the content they find once the search engines point them to a page.

The SEO technicians know how to manage on-page and off-page SEO factors, but they do not measure results effectively and they do not understand what content is really important to potential customers, such as:

  • Frequently updated information about the business and its products.
  • How-to information to help potential customers solve problems.
  • A large diversity of content, both on and off the company website.
  • Multi-media content, including audio and video presentations which keep site visitors engaged better than pages filled with text.

By looking at what big businesses expect from their SEO work, you can more effectively manage your own business’s web presence. It is easier for a small organization to communicate effectively between departments than it is for a multinational corporation with competing compartmentalized management structures. If you focus your business’s SEO efforts on building and frequently updating quality content that is created with your potential customers in mind, you can achieve even better results from your online presence than much larger organizations ever see.

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