Pay-Per-Click Ads Drive Sales and Revenue

When it comes to Internet ads, many people tell themselves, “There’s no way that works. I’ve never clicked on an Internet ad.”

We’ve got two responses to that. First, even if you think you’ve never clicked on an Internet ad, it’s almost certain that you have — either because you didn’t realize that the search result you clicked on was a sponsored listing or because you just accidentally clicked in the wrong spot. Second, Google wouldn’t be a billion dollar company if people didn’t click on ads.

The conversion numbers back this up. On average, paid search generates about 3% clickthrough rate. On Google’s ad network, that drops dramatically to less than .25%. However, both offer cumulative ad impressions in the billions. Even at low clickthrough percentages, Google sees hundreds of millions of clicks a day.

So while plenty of people feel like they never could possibly click on an Internet ad, the numbers show that the public certainly does. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the results are there. That means that traffic is flowing from these ads to the target landing pages. The question then becomes: what will you do once they click through to your site?