It’s been a busy week on the Internet. My Yahoo makes a comeback, Facebook for iPhone is looking good, and Google will save us all from dying. Happy clicking! 

My Yahoo! For Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Gets a Redesign

If you’re having trouble discovering “your favorite parts of the web,” (their words, not ours), Yahoo’s latest redesign of their My Yahoo! Homepage is the perfect site to bookmark.

The revamped homepage gives Yahoo users access to their email, calendars, customized viewing of sports scores, stocks, news and weather, and much more, all in one place.

In a world where most people’s homepage is Google, we love this option especially for the customization aspects. Our biggest issue with this new design is having to decide between the Oscar de la Renta pre-made theme or one that features a delicious looking latte.

Facebook 6.5 Launches with an iOS & Design

For you iPhone users that have updated to iOS7, be sure to update your Facebook app as well. The new Facebook 6.5 app is now available with enhanced navigation and a look matching the equally brilliant iOS7.

What’s new with Facebook 6.5?

Say goodbye to those annoying side menus that you used to have to slide in from either side. There’s a new menu that  lets you quickly switch from your News Feed to Friend Requests, Messages, or Notifications all with a tap.

Tap the new “More” button and you’ll have easy access to your own Timeline, Groups and Events. Like the new iOS7 design, the bar at the top of the app is translucent and dynamically shifts as you scroll.

Can Google Solve Death?

Look for Google to be the company to take a shot, a moon shot, as Larry Page, co-founder and CEO, calls these types of projects to solve the issues surrounding death.

Page, in an exclusive interview with Time magazine this week, talks about the launching of Calico, a new company that will focus on health and aging.

Why Google? Well as the article suggests, who else would do this but the Internet search giant that has brought us wearable computers, high flying balloons that allow Internet access in the remote parts of the world, and driverless cars?

By Marc Apple