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The Top Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses

The growth of digital media has made it more affordable and easier than before for small businesses to grow online, but it’s still a challenge to reach the right potential customers. In our year-end marketing survey, we asked small business owners to share what their biggest marketing-related challenges were. This question provides ideal insight into READ MORE

The New Digital Sales Funnel

Imagine your customer’s journey to their first purchase. Did they randomly stumble upon your website, or was it a carefully concocted mix of content and distribution that provided the content they wanted at the right time? Growing companies know that it’s the latter. 4 Steps to Success The new digital sales funnel is a four-step READ MORE

Every SEO Term You Need to Know

A Glossary to Improve Your Performance Online Improving your SEO requires going deep into the optimization wormhole-filled with terms you may have never seen before. HTML? HTTPS? XML? Even if you’ve heard these letter combinations before, knowing exactly what they are and how they support healthy SEO strategies can help you improve your website’s performance. READ MORE

Why Do I Need Digital Marketing for My Business?

From millennials to baby boomers, your audience is online, and digital marketing reaches them when they’re likely to engage. While these customer connections should always be respected, it provides an opportunity to increase revenue. Companies of all sizes can use these digital marketing strategies, customizing them to their own unique needs. And this is how READ MORE

Geofence Marketing for Local Advertising

Geofencing marketing is a growing sector of local advertising, and it has the results to support its growth. What was once mostly known for custom city Snapchat filters has now become a robust marketing technique to reach people with great specificity. Geofencing marketing gives you the opportunity to reach people based on a device’s location, READ MORE