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Building firm credibility

Sammy Kim, a seasoned tax attorney, embarked on a bold journey, transitioning from a large, established firm to founding her own practice. The venture brought forth significant challenges: building credibility for her new firm and attracting clients in a competitive local market.

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Strategic insight and impact

Our agency's strategy was multifaceted, starting with the development of a website that encapsulated Sammy's expertise and personal approach to tax law. Through thoughtful UX design, we showcased the firm’s story and her commitment to helping individuals navigate complex tax issues. The inclusion of educational content and video chat software on the site enabled potential clients to connect with the firm directly, facilitating a seamless transition from initial inquiry to booking a paid consultation.

Following the website launch, we implemented a comprehensive monthly marketing plan. This plan encompassed the creation of blog articles and videos for YouTube, designed to educate and engage the firm’s target audience on tax-related topics. Social media efforts, particularly on LinkedIn, further amplified her and the firm’s presence and expertise in the field.

The results were significant. Sammy not only sustained her brand awareness but also enhanced it, positioning her new firm as a formidable competitor against larger, more established tax law firms. The organic SEO strategy extended her services beyond local confines, attracting clients nationwide. Her educational videos became a valuable resource for those seeking clarity on tax matters and dealings with the IRS.

The Law Offices of Sammy Kim’s strategic decision to partner with Forward Push for their marketing needs proved to be a pivotal step in establishing the new firm's credibility and competitive edge in the tax law sector.

Success tactics

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Website Design

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Video Marketing

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Social Media

Challenge the norm

With a focus on your success, our unique marketing and advertising strategies break from tradition to deliver enhanced results.

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Tax Attorney

Sammy Kim

“Forward Push manages my blog content, social media engagement, and video productions, which has undeniably broadened our reach. We've seen a real but steady increase in our new client increase, and it's clear that Forward Push’s services have been instrumental in growing my law practice.”

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