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Small firm, big impact strategy

The Law Office of Nicholas P. Martin, a boutique personal injury and fair labor law firm, approached us with a common dilemma. Despite their personalized approach to each case, they were struggling to stand out in a crowded market dominated by larger law firms, many with substantial marketing budgets.

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Strategic insight and impact

Our solution was two fold. First, we designed an engaging, localized website that would attract potential clients in close proximity to the firm. The site was designed as a starting point for those seeking legal assistance, emphasizing the firm's personalized touch and expertise.

Post-launch, we shifted our focus to a robust content strategy. By adding educational, top-of-the-funnel content to the website, we created a pathway leading prospects to a compelling call to action: a case evaluation. This approach wasn't just about driving traffic; it was about building a narrative around the firm’s unique, client-centered approach.

The impact of these strategies was significant. The Law Office of Nicholas P. Martin started to attract high value cases through organic search and social media channels. Our efforts in highlighting the firm's unique blend of personal touch and legal expertise resonated with clients, setting The Law Office of Nicholas P. Martin a part in a highly competitive field.

Success tactics

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Website Design

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Social Media

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Video Marketing

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Challenge the norm

With a focus on your success, our unique marketing and advertising strategies break from tradition to deliver enhanced results.

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Law Offices of Nicholas P. Martin


“Their tailored strategies and deep understanding of my target clients have resulted in a more engaging online presence and a noticeable boost in inquiries. I highly recommend Forward Push to any law firm.”

Build a client-centric website with a personal touch

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