What Is Growth Hacking For Small Business?

It’s Just Not For Start-Ups

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute. My name is Marc Apple. I’m the founder of Forward Push, and today I wanted to talk to you about growth hacking. What is growth hacking?

Well, simply put, a definition for growth hacking is going to be you’re looking at a bunch of different marketing strategies and marketing tactics, you’re looking at them and saying, OK, these look like they’re going to be good for my business. And then going out and testing those strategies and seeing if they work. That’s a pretty simple definition of growth hacking. And today we’re going to talk about nine different tactics you can use, see which ones you like, put them into place and go for it.

Number one, the first growth hacking strategy we’re going to talk about is going after your ideal customer. So really sitting down thinking about who is your ideal customer and what do they mean to you? What are they all about? How do they act? What do they like, what don’t they like, etc. about your business that’s going after the ideal customer angle and you’re going to start to put out marketing efforts that appeal to them.

Number two is going after the core marketing channels. So figuring out, again, this buyer persona, your ideal customer, what are the channels that they like? So that can be YouTube, Facebook, maybe they’re prone to click on ads. Maybe they like listening to podcast, finding that angle and going after them.

Number three growth hacking strategy, get creative with your content. So make videos, make a podcast, write written blog articles, do whatever you think is going to be creative and stand out to your audience and let them know about you. Just get creative.

Number four, start experimenting with new media. Right? A couple of years ago, nobody really knew what Tik Tok was and then all of a sudden it’s taken off. Well, has it really been all of a sudden or has it been building up? Same thing with podcasting. It’s been around for a long time. And now finally, we’re starting to see it become a little bit more mainstream once again with a lot of people listening. So you just have to be creative.

Number five and number six has to do with your website. So first off, number five, make sure your website is working for you and not against you. Does it have the right calls to action? Does it have the right pages? Is it answering the questions that people are looking for? And is your contact information easy to find? Let your website work for you and not against you.

And then number six, let search engine optimization, SEO, do the heavy lifting. You can’t be out 24/7 networking and shaking hands. So people are searching online 24/7. So let your website be found. You can do that through search engine optimization.

Number seven, when we talk about how you can’t be everywhere at all times, but your reviews and testimonials can be. So, make sure that you have a plan in place for your customers and for your clients to leave reviews, to leave testimonials. And then once they do, going back to some of our earlier points here, what are you doing to be creative, to get those reviews in front of other people that care about what people say about your business before they hire you? And number eight, learn from your competitors, no shame in seeing what they’re doing and seeing if you can do it better. There’s also no shame in watching them and saying, ugh, I wouldn’t do that. So go ahead and learn from your competitors. And number nine, you need to perfect all the tiers in growth hacking. And let’s break them down.

The growth hacking funnel has a few steps to it and you need to perfect all of them. Number one. Acquisition. Help potential customers discover you. Activation. Convince those customers that they need to try your product. Number three, retention. Keep them coming back because you’re providing excellent service, because you have an excellent product. Revenue. You got to make money somehow. And so why not make sure you’re charging appropriately for your services? Because you’ve got great products and services that you are providing to your customers and your clients. And lastly, referral. When you’re doing such great work, your customers and your clients are going to be happy to tell others, and that is the basic growth hacking funnel.

So there we go. We went over nine tactics that you can use for growth hacking, pick the ones that you like best and then go ahead and run with it. I look forward to hearing how you’re using these growth hacking techniques and I will talk to you next week. Thanks.

Marc Apple

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