TikTok For Lawyers. Yeah, It’s A Thing.

It’s like your best friend looking over your shoulder… and your friend is either a total enabler or the best curator of fresh content EVER.

I’m talking about the FYP on TikTok, of course.

It isn’t just your FYP that is such a marvel though.

TikTok is actually a surprisingly underrated but highly effective search engine.

With great power comes…great lead gen capabilities.

It’s true. Some of the most surprising industries are leading the way in attracting highly qualified, perfectly matched prospects.

Lawyers Are Killing It On TikTok

TikTok for Lawyers

The reality is for legal professionals, TikTok is probably the most effective social media platform out there when it comes to tailoring your feed to your interests.

It’s also very easy to find highly consumable content that speaks to your deepest hopes…and your greatest fears.

Like what to do with the 6th letter you’ve gotten from the IRS.

Or how to deal with the pushy insurance adjuster who keeps hounding you after that rush hour fender bender.

What you’ll see on TikTok isn’t exactly legal advice, but it is enough of an icebreaker to make lawyers feel a lot more approachable.

To make legal problems seem more…surmountable.

Of course, TikTok isn’t right for every lawyer…but for attorneys who enjoy breaking down complex legal concepts into “snackably” short videos…it can be a platform of real opportunity.

Even if you don’t have tax problems (whew!) I doubt you’ll find a more engaging and informative tax attorney than Alyssa Whatley. And if you do have tax problems (ouch!) I don’t think there is anyone else you’d rather have come in clutch for you with the IRS.

That’s the power of TikTok – getting you exactly what you need in your feed.

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