The Problem With Law Firm Paid Marketing Ads

Not every law practice can wait on SEO to start serving up highly qualified leads from organic traffic. Especially if you want to explore a new practice area or grow your client base this year.

To build momentum, most lawyers need to run strategic ad campaigns designed to appeal to the right prospects at the right time.

Running profitable ads isn’t easy.

Figuring out:

  • keyword targeting
  • how many dollars to budget
  • graphic design
  • optimized ad placement

can be a full-time job.

It is easy to get lost in the details, dollars, design, and data.

Hiring a full-service law firm marketing agency to handle PPC, display ads, or OTT campaigns for your practice makes sense.

But before you hire, make certain the agency you’re working with understands the type of law you practice, your typical client journey, your specific market, and your business goals.

Because there’s no one size fits all approach to legal marketing.

But there is one thing that every legal campaign has in common: a person with a problem on the other side of the keyboard searching for real help.

Working with an experienced digital marketing agency that specializes in legal marketing means getting a clear marketing plan complete with solid campaigns and quality content optimized to target the cases you want, so you have a steady pipeline of qualified prospects to support your practice’s growth this year.

Marc Apple

Marc Apple

Digital Strategist

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