How Long Should My Videos on Social Media Be?

Video is an important piece of your small business’ marketing strategy, and it’s important that they’re the right length for every use. There is a bevy of content available on social media, which means it’s critical that you create unique videos. When people love your content, they will be more willing to buy from you.

When producing videos as part of your small business’ marketing efforts, there are three points to remember:

  • Your content needs to be consumable.
  • Your content changes based on platform.
  • Your content needs to be on brand.

Content Needs to be Consumable

When creating a video for your small business, it’s critical to focus on easy-to-consume content. Oftentimes what you may think is valuable information may not provide the same amount of value to others. Instead, put yourself in your customers’ place and consider the information they need before purchasing.

A video about your new product or service needs to answer five questions:

  • Who needs this product?
  • What the product is?
  • Where they can purchase?
  • Why it will change their life, big or small?
  • How they can learn more?

When you focus on how to serve your client through your videos, you can better create an effective video. Video is a critical piece of any company’s marketing plan, regardless of industry. Therefore, considering these five questions can help create consumable content people won’t be able to resist.

This product video shows how a client’s office furniture appears in a real office, instead of static images on their website. Engaging, concise content is how you increase success on social media.

The Video Platform Changes Your Content

Every video platform has different strengths. In order to succeed when marketing your small business, you need to create multipurpose content. Your company’s profile video can live on YouTube, be embedded on your website, and be edited for Instagram and Facebook.

When sharing a video on Instagram, shorter is best. Thirty seconds is typically the best length for videos on Instagram. Videos get users to linger over a post, but many aren’t willing to pause for long.

On both Facebook and Instagram, because of the auto mute and auto play feature, videos with subtitles are best. Attention spans have shortened so much that over half of marketers surveyed create videos less than two minutes long.

In this explainer video, we created a visual representation of a blog post, which engages viewers on Facebook, with subtitles built into the motion graphics.

Create Videos That Are On Brand

There’s often talk about an advertising campaign being “on brand” or how a company’s website is “off brand”. But what exactly does that mean? Your brand is you, and it’s more than a color palette. It’s how you create content that reflects your personality, style, and yes, elements like your design aesthetic and color palette.

When you create a video that’s on brand, it will help advance your mission and relate to your target audience. Additionally, your audience is more willing to watch a video that relates to your brand than one that seems unrelated to the rest of your feed.

In this video, the design and music matches the company’s lively brand voice, and it’s engaging as well.

You’ve put resources into creating these videos, which means you want to see an ROI from it. You will begin to see results when you create concise, branded videos that share the right information without additional fluff.

Engaging video is a critical piece to your small business’ marketing strategy, but it only works if it’s the right length and information for your audience. When video marketing is done well, it can greatly improve your company’s reach. This includes creating short, concise videos for Instagram, uploading videos natively to Facebook, and sharing on YouTube.

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