How Google Answers Questions

Why Google My Business Reviews are so Important

Transcript from the video:

This is your marketing minute from Forward Push, and this week Google has rolled out autosuggest answers for their Q&A on Google My Business. That means, when you have a user go to Google My Business, to your profile, and they want to type in a question, Google is automatically going to show them, hopefully, the correct answer.

Well, where is Google getting this information from the user’s question? It comes from your reviews, yup. Even more so, reviews on Google are becoming more and more important, right? So now Google is saying, when a user comes to your profile on Google My Business, and they wanna ask your business a question, Google is getting the answers from your reviews.

So this means two things.

One, you gotta start getting these reviews on Google.

And two, make sure that your customers are helping others understand what you do when they write your review, ’cause that’s where the answers are coming from.

The good thing is that Google is rolling out these answers that the person is seeing in the order that the reviews are given. So, by chance, if you have a review from four years ago that maybe what that person said is outta date, there’s probably a good chance it’s not going to show.

So again, you gotta make sure you’re getting reviews on Google so that Google has this up-to-date information about your business. That’s your challenge for the week. Go out and get some Google reviews.

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