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Big Wipes

Learn how we built the US brand presence of this international utility wipes company using social media and paid advertising.


Big Wipes is a company whose signature utility wipes product had a loyal following abroad. After noticing that one of their product demos became a viral sensation with US viewers, they decided they should have a US strategy and needed an agency to help them.


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Big Wipes is an Israeli company that makes specialist cleaning and disinfectant products for professional tradespeople. Their Big Wipes brand cleaning wipes have been a hit with contractors, plumbers, utility workers and more, and their products are distributed worldwide, both in stores and online.

Products offered by the company include Big Wipes for cleaning hands, surfaces, tools and more, in hand-friendly formulas designed to be used frequently without irritating skin. These are specially made to remove a variety of construction and maintenance products, including PU foam, grease, silicone, acrylic, epoxy, paints and adhesives. They also make a line of cleaning sprays for a range of applications.

The reason people love Big Wipes so much, according to countless rave reviews, is that they just work, and they’ve acquired a loyal following and a strong word of mouth recommendation network. Big Wipes makes cleanup easy for workers on the go and fills a need for quick, effective, waterless cleaning that won’t dry or damage skin.

Rachel Igra

Big Wipes

“I am happy to recommend Forward Push’s service. Forward push have built and managed our social media platforms for the past year, literally pushing us forward with impressive growth each month.”

Rachel Igra, Sycamore Ltd.

The Problem

They Needed to Reach American Buyers

One of their online demonstration videos unexpectedly went viral, with over 1 million views, and the company noticed that a lot of the views and comments were coming from the United States. The company saw an opportunity to reach a vast new market, and they needed a US marketing strategy that could capitalize on their viral success.

They also knew that they were entering a crowded and very competitive market. What they needed was an agency who understood the digital marketing landscape and knew how to leverage Big Wipes’ strengths into US success.

That’s where Forward Push came in. We assessed the situation and realized the key to setting them apart would be to tap into their very enthusiastic follower base. That meant launching a social media push to generate word-of-mouth buzz and drive traffic to the Big Wipes site. We amplified our efforts with well-targeted paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Big Wipes Instagram Post feature

Our Solution

A Campaign Centered on Engagement

  • UX Website Design Updates
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Paid Advertising

We started our work with UX, updating the Big Wipes USA website with new product content pages and optimizing it for conversions. The existing site had used repurposed content from their original website, without any effort toward CRO. We continue to add new optimized pages to the site whenever they release new products.

The next step was social media and targeted social media advertising. On the social side, we were looking to reach consumers on Facebook and Instagram to grow brand awareness and tap into existing brand recognition and loyalty. Our LinkedIn campaign focused on reaching Big Wipes’ retail partner buyers and influencers.

We also used social media outreach to spur the creation of user-generated content (UGC). That way, Big Wipes’ loyal user base became brand ambassadors and content creators for the cause, with a voice other professional contractors and DIYers could trust.

Build Awareness Test

Create a US brand persona for Big Wipes

Target Audience Test

Increase brand awareness and engagement

Increase Web Traffic Test

Fuel American sales of Big Wipes

The Strategies We Implemented

Before we could deploy social media strategies to drive people to the Big Wipes USA website, we had to make the site user-friendly, updated and optimized for CRO. The UX work we did made it more buyer journey-focused, designed to encourage exploration and, ultimately, sales.

Our social media posts grew their follower base and ignited substantial user engagement. We also used social media engagement tactics like Poll and Q&A in Stories on IG and FB, plus participation in interest groups so we could share knowledge with the community.

Big Wipes Laptop
Big Wipes Youtube Video in Tablet

The user-generated content push worked amazingly well, and the Big Wipes pages are now full of videos from professionals showing just how great the product is. Hashtag research also helped us find new users who may not know about Big Wipes and introduce them to it.

As new users engage with the brand by liking or following the page, we run ads to them to make sure Big Wipes stays top of mind. The paid social ads are doing their job and sending a steady stream of qualified leads to the website, too.

Using a combination of targeted, quality content and active community management, we were able to significantly boost the company’s reach and facilitate meaningful communication between them and their potential clients online.

Intuitive Layout

Website UX to optimize for conversions

IncreaseEngagement Test

Create social media posts to drive people to the website

Direct Engagement Test

Social media outreach to fuel user-generated content

User Targeted Content Test

Paid social media advertising to reach a targeted audience


Big Growth on Social

With our social media-focused strategy in place, Big Wipes saw a huge increase in engagement, and a lot of it came from satisfied tradespeople who couldn’t wait to spread the word. These user-generated product snapshots and video recommendations are endorsements you just can’t buy, and they’re generating lots of brand awareness and impressive US sales for Big Wipes.


Increase In
Page Likes


Increase In
Post Reach


Increase In
Post Engagement

Rachel Igra

Big Wipes

“Their Knowledge and attention to detail are outstanding and we are completely satisfied with their performance. They are not only professionals but easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss our concerns and to respond to questions.

Rachel Igra, Sycamore Ltd.
Big Wipes Computer Google Search

Satisfied Clients

The signs of our success for Big Wipes

Big Wipes is seeing more traffic to their website and longer interactions from visitors. They’ve also seen an increase in new American sales. Their impressive growth on social media continues, and their devoted fan base grows with every user post on their pages.

Oh, and that original Big Wipes video that went viral with 1 million views? It surpassed 6 million views, and is growing every day.

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