7 Tips For Better SEO

7 Tips You Can Use Now To Optimize Your SEO.

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and today I wanted to talk to you about SEO, search engine optimization for business owners. Today, I’ve got 7 tips to help you make sure that your website is optimized for search. Tip number 1, does your site follow E-A-T. Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These are 3 signals that Google is looking for when it helps it understand where it should rank your website, so you’ve got to make sure that the content on your website is following E-A-T. Tip number 2 for small business owners when it comes to SEO is update what you already have.

Take a look at your Google search console. Take a look at your Google analytics. What pages are doing particularly well that you could update the content so that it was more relevant to what’s happening today, so that it would end up being in the index even higher or go back and look at content that’s not really doing that well and see what you can do to update it so that it would perform better. Tip number 3, make sure you’re using images that capture someone’s attention.

Are you using boring stock photos or are you taking photos of you, your team, and your products, so that it’s personalized for the user coming to your website. This is going to help you receive more clicks because people will be engaged with your content. The fourth tip when it comes to SEO for businesses. Are you shooting videos? Are you using video and uploading them to Facebook, to YouTube, to your website so people can become more engaged with your content because now they’ll have another way to interact with you through video.

The fifth way and tip to make sure that you’re using SEO on your website is through answering questions that people are asking making sure your content answers what your customers are searching for. Do you have an FAQ? Do you have blog articles? These things help Google understand what you do because you’re answering the questions that people are searching for. The next tip is those blogs and FAQ that you’re writing. Are you making sure that they’re optimized for voice search? More and more, we’re talking to these devices that sit on our kitchen counters and asking them questions.

You need to make sure that your content is voice optimized. And lastly, are you writing your content so that it can be included in a featured snippet. A featured snippet is that little box at the top of a Google search that answers your question with just a couple of sentences or an equation and then has a link to your website. But more often than not, the answer that Google is giving is more than enough, but you still can get clicks from it.

So go ahead and make sure that the content you’re writing is viable for a featured snippet. And there we go. 7 tips for business owners when it comes to SEO. My name is Marc Apple. This has been Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. And I’ll talk to you next week.

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