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Gainer Financial

Learn how we used a combination of content creation and social media to generate new leads for this financial services provider.


Gainer Financial is a financial advisory and insurance agency that serves clients in the San Francisco area. They needed help reaching their target audience of older adults in their forties and fifties in order to effectively market their retirement and insurance offerings.


Increase In Website Users


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase From Email Marketing
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Gainer Financial is a financial services provider based in San Rafael, California. They offer comprehensive advisory services for clients in the greater San Francisco area, including financial planning, asset management and insurance coverage.

Gainer Financial specializes in pre-retirement money management and serves clients in a range of financial situations. They take a holistic approach to wealth management and financial planning, offering comprehensive and dynamic strategies that change with time, circumstances and the evolving financial goals of each client.

The firm’s founder, Roger Gainer, is an Investment Advisory Representative with a legal fiduciary responsibility to his customer, setting him apart from those financial planners whose primary function is financial product sales. He holds Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RIPC) credentials and is also a licensed insurance agent for life and health insurance, and a Certified Paralegal for Estate Planning.

The Problem

Reaching Customers in the Right Demographic

Gainer Financial had the basics most small businesses rely on: a professional-looking website and a network of word-of-mouth recommendations to help generate new business. But they realized they weren’t getting as many new leads as they wanted, and most of the advertising options they knew about didn’t really target their somewhat narrow buyer demographic.

They didn’t want to just throw money at expensive ads and hope for the best, and they knew they lacked the expertise to navigate the complicated digital marketing landscape. In fact, they weren’t even sure what options they might have or what outlets might be right for their type of business.

Luckily, they called Forward Push and got a free consultation. We discussed their goals and how they could use content, SEO and social media to reach exactly the people they wanted to reach.

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Our Solution

Content and Media Aimed Squarely at the Right Buyers

  • Persona Development
  • Content Creation
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Email Newsletters
  • Website SEO
  • Social Media

We started by doing buyer research to pinpoint exactly the right audience for Gainer Financial to reach. Our results showed a target audience with an average age in the early fifties, along with several other useful economic and demographic data for our campaigns.

With this in mind, we decided that podcasts, email and blog articles would all work well to target and convert this audience. We also decided to use social media to selectively target our ideal buyers, focusing on LinkedIn and LinkedIn local community groups for San Francisco-area small businesses to reach the right groups of people. Finally, an SEO overhaul was needed to help people find Gainer Financial when they searched financial topics.

Once the strategy was charted, we needed to create content that would speak properly to this pre-retirement crowd. We set our Forward Push writing team to the task of writing blog articles, emails, and keyword-researched website content for SEO. Our production crew got started immediately on scripting and recording podcasts we could use to bring in new leads.

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Increased Website Traffic

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The Strategies We Implemented

The blogs, podcasts and newsletters worked to establish Gainer Financial’s expertise and educate the client base they were seeking. They also provided the SEO bump the business needed to succeed.

The content we continue to create for Gainer is used not only on the website but on LinkedIn, as well, to reach and engage with new users. Our social media management team makes sure each new user that comments feels heard and part of the larger conversation, too.

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More Traffic, Better Leads, Increased Conversions

With our content creation strategies and SEO tactics in practice, Gainer Financial got the user growth and targeted lead stream they were looking for. Their new content-based strategy has laid the foundation for future success and is giving them an excellent return on their investment, as well.


Increase In Website Users


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase From Email Marketing
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Satisfied Clients

Financial Professional Marketing Knowledge

Gainer Financial is pleased that they are seeing the increased leads they wanted and using new and targeted digital marketing tools to drive traffic their way.

They have our content creation team working hard to generate fresh content for them every month and the knowledge of our marketing experts at their disposal whenever they need it. And they know they aren’t wasting precious time and money on strategies that target the wrong people or simply don’t work.

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