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Books In Balance

Learn how we helped this small business compete successfully with larger firms by using a suite of smart digital marketing tactics.


Books In Balance is a bookkeeping services firm serving small businesses in the Bay Area.
They needed a competitive marketing edge to help them stand out in a field crowded with larger players.


Increase In Website Users


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase In Paid Traffic


Books In Balance is based in San Rafael, California and provides accounting, bookkeeping and tax services for individuals and small businesses in the Bay Area. They also offer QuickBooks training, setup and support services for their clients using the popular accounting system.

The business was established in 1999 with the goal of bringing the best bookkeeping services and expertise to smaller local businesses. The Books In Balance team consists of professional accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers, and their senior accountant, Brandon M. Dante, has more than 25 years of accounting experience.

Brandon Dante

Books In Balance

“We are continually impressed with their knowledge & skill set in the work they have done for our company.”

Brandon Dante, Owner of Books in Balance Accounting

The Problem

They Needed a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Books In Balance started as a very small local accounting services provider, but it has grown to serve many businesses and personal clients in the greater San Francisco area. Despite their impressive growth, they still found themselves a smaller player in a very crowded market, with a fraction of the financial resources for marketing versus their competitors.

They needed digital marketing strategies that would help their smaller budget go further, and as finance professionals, they of course wanted to see how the marketing dollars they spent were providing real value.

Forward Push started as a small outfit, too, and we specialize in helping small businesses compete effectively with the big guys. We performed a full audit of their existing marketing efforts and their website and came up with a cost-effective solution tailored just for them.


Our Solution

A New Website, Then Content, Social, and Paid Campaigns

  • Website Design
  • U/X Overhaul with Chatbot
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Blogging
  • Paid Ads
  • Paid Social

We started by building Books In Balance a new website with better U/X and built-in SEO. Our content team crafted website copy tailored to their personal and small business accounting clients and wrote new blog posts every month to keep the content fresh and SEO-friendly.

A chatbot was included to better serve website visitors and qualify and convert leads. The one we used provides 24/7 support, and it is helmed by a real human rather than an impersonal and potentially alienating AI.

The website strategy was amplified with paid advertising on Google Ads. This is a cost-effective strategy for a small business like Books In Balance, because it allows searchers to see the ad above where the business appears in organic search, increasing brand awareness and the perception of trustworthiness and legitimacy.

And, of course, Google Ad click-throughs then send leads directly through to the conversion rate optimized website we built for the business.

Finally, a paid social media campaign targets a highly qualified lead pool in just the right places. Retargeting increases these efforts by following website visitors back to Facebook and Instagram, to ensure top-of-mind awareness and recapture any hesitant leads.

BooksInBalance Computer
User Targeted Content Test

Increase In
Qualified Leads

SEO Icon Test

Higher Organic Search Ranking

Increase Web Traffic Test

Improved Website Conversion Rates

The Strategies We Implemented

The paid campaigns have driven good growth at a low cost per lead and yielded a steady uptick in conversions. They are supported by a good website content strategy and thoughtful U/X across the site.

BooksInBalance Laptop
Intuitive Layout

A Website Focused On Conversions

Optimized Local SEO Test

Search Engine Optimizaton Strategy

Blogging Test

Sales Focused Content

IncreaseEngagement Test

Paid Social Media Ads

Build Test

Paid Search Ads


An Impressive Increase in Traffic, Leads and New Business

Our work with Books In Balance demonstrates how small businesses can use digital marketing intelligently to level the field against larger competitors. Through best practices-guided website design, SEO, content and targeted paid advertising, we were able to provide a good value for spend for our client.


Increase In Website Users


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase In
Paid Traffic

Brandon Dante

Books In Balance

“We are continually impressed with their knowledge & skill set in the work they have done for our company.”

Brandon Dante, Owner of Books in Balance Accounting

Satisfied Clients

Financial Professionals Marketing Knowledge

Books In Balance has been very pleased with the results, and they enjoy having their personal chatbot on hand all the time to answer client questions.

They like that we were able to give them a real competitive edge without bundling a bunch of services they don’t need, and they have been pleased that we can show them how each effort is yielding clear results.

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