Creating a Not-So-Ordinary Website for a High-Profile Attorney

What You Need to Know

Scott Key is an appellate and personal injury attorney specializing in complex cases with very high stakes. He’s not an ordinary lawyer, and he didn’t want an ordinary website either, so we set to work on a website that reflected his unconventional style and highlighted his uncommon expertise.

For the visuals, we chose a minimalist, black and white color palette, with striking chess-themed graphics that reflect Scott’s strategic mind and favorite after-work pastime. The copy details his legal achievements and areas of expertise, while carefully selected testimonials convey his competence. We also created videos to highlight his warm and approachable personality.

Scott is a true thought leader in his field, which is why his website includes a monthly podcast where he interviews prominent members of the legal community, as well as a blog where he can discuss and analyze the legal issues on his mind.

By making Scott himself a central feature of the site, we’ve created a highly personalized space where he can connect with clients and fellow legal professionals alike, driving new business and partnerships his way.

Scott Key Law Homepage
Scott Key Law Responsive Website
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