Securing a Website for Leading Security Experts.

What You Need to Know

Knight Protection Services is a veteran-owned and operated company focused on protecting their clients’ homes, belongings, and personal safety in Atlanta, GA. This website needed to be authoritative without becoming overwhelming, which we accomplished through the design and text.

Calls-to-action to schedule a risk assessment or consultation are strategically placed throughout the website to increase lead generation. Paired with an ongoing blogging, social media strategy, and event management, we continue to support Knight Protection Services to create the connections to protect more assets.


“We had no clue how to create a website that would capture exactly what we do in our business. We are not a normal trade and it can be difficult to sell a product that is not seen every day, especially with a website that doesn't clearly defined what we do. Thank you so much for establishing our brand online and giving our company the "forward push" that it needed.”

- Heather Knight, President & CEO, Knight Protection Services