Building a Therapy Practice Website That Encourages People to Reach Out

What You Need to Know

J Lewis Therapy is an Atlanta-based therapy practice specializing in eating disorders, grief and addiction, perinatal mental health, and support for the LGBTQ+ community. What they needed was an updated website that would reach new clients, put them at ease, answer their questions, and urge them to take the first steps in seeking help.

Because the work Jill and her associates do is so personal and the people seeking her services are often in crisis, the site needed to be as comforting and supportive as possible. Our designers used a soothing color palette and calming images to make the site feel like a safe space, with Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ inclusive messages included to reflect the practice’s commitment to serving all clients.

The website’s written content focuses on educational content, including FAQs and a blog. Clearly-stated fees and descriptions of what different therapies entail further demystify the process, making it easier for those who are shy about seeking help to act. We also shot a marketing video with Jill that serves as an introduction to the practice and therapy in general, to help potential clients feel comfortable before taking that first difficult step.

Focusing on good U/X and a calming aesthetic, we were able to create a content-based website that felt unintimidating, with soft calls-to-action on every page. The end result was a product that can grow with the practice and better serve its clients.

J Lewis Therpay Website

“I reached out to Marc and Forward Push to help me with writing content, advertisement and a new website. Marc had followed up with me after meeting him and I valued his forward approach. My practice needed help with content and a brand new website. Marc and his team worked diligently to provide new, innovative content, and an incredible new warm website. He was patient and worked with me to ensure my exact vision came to light. This is allowing more clients to find us and know exactly what we do.

- Jill Lewis, Owner and Therapist,
J Lewis Therapy

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