WordPress.org or WordPress.com

If you’ve dabbled in blogging or websites before, you’ve probably heard of WordPress. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used on the Internet today. From personal websites to immense corporate sites, WordPress is used in every industry for many different types of websites.

WordPress is also a free web-based blogging service. The difference is in the details: WordPress.org provides the software for private sites while WordPress.com is the free blogging service. For client websites, we use the WordPress.org software.

Why is WordPress so popular?

wordpress-website-developmentOnce a site is built, content management (editing page text, making blog posts, etc.) is easy for even the technophobic. It also has access to an immense library of plugin functionality — anything from image galleries to detailed forms to social media sync and beyond. Finally, WordPress has an open community, which allows for anyone to develop functionality for it through plugins. This ability to integrate into the site allows us to build custom features specifically for client needs.

WordPress layouts use a feature called a theme. Plenty of template themes exist — both free and premium — but since every client’s project is unique, we absolutely create all WordPress websites from scratch. That means that clients never have to worry about copycat sites or shoehorning their vision into a ready-made template; every WordPress website from Forward Push is completely custom-built.