Why You Should Hire a Get Your Business Online Partner

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You’re busy, and you don’t always have time to follow marketing trends and implement tools like Google My Business. But you’re in luck! A Get Your Business Online Partner is Google-certified to help you expand your company’s reach online. By helping you optimize your listing, your GYBO partner can, over time, help improve your search ranking and overall brand awareness.


What is a Get Your Business Online Partner?

A GYBO partner is a Google-trusted entity that is equipped with the skills you need to maximize Google My Business for your company. They focus on helping local small businesses by empowering them to make the most out of this free resource. These partners can be not-for-profit organizations that support local businesses, like chambers of commerce, Google Partner Agencies, and Google Trusted Photographers.

When working with a Google Partner Agency, you know that they have completed extensive Google-sponsored training that includes advertising specializations like search, mobile, video, display, and shopping. They also have access to Partner-only support, offering you the same benefit for your company’s marketing needs.

A GYBO Agency uses their experience with the Google suite of apps and services to help your company succeed online, especially with Google My Business. This includes your ranking by the ever-fickle search algorithm.

Working with a GYBO Partner to Improve Your Search Ranking

Where you appear in search results is essential to your company’s growth. While Google Ads have merit, your organic rankings are important as well.  A GYBO partner can help you create a strategy to improve your ranking, which includes content development, keyword optimization, and perhaps most importantly, establishing or updating your Google My Business listing.

As we’ve discussed previously, Google My Business offers a way to rank on the first page with less than 30 minutes of work. Fully optimizing your listing, though, is crucial. A GYBO Partner will help you complete your listing and optimize by:

  • Ensuring your address or service area is up to date.
  • Choosing the best photos for your listing.
  • Monitoring platform updates.

Google My Business offers two location options for your company. If your customers come into your storefront, you can add your address. If you travel to your customers as a plumber, painter, or other service business, you can add your service area. If needed, your GYBO Partner can also help you manage other information like website and phone number.

Google provides the space, but you need to make it eye-catching. This means using high-quality photos that highlight your space and a well-cropped profile image with your logo. Save time and reduce worry by working with your GYBO partner. They know exactly what you need to stand out, and can coordinate a photo shoot if you don’t currently have high-quality images.

The Internet is a living resource. By maintaining your Google My Business listing, your GYBO Partner can help ensure you’re being found online. Part of this is by monitoring category updates. The category that works for you now may not be the best long-term solution. By monitoring platform changes, your partner can ensure your company will be accurately found in searches.

By working with a GYBO partner on a content strategy that includes Google My Business, you can begin to improve your search rankings to grow your business.

Google offers some of the best marketing tools available today, including Google My Business and a Get Your Business Online certification. Use this certification as a guide when looking for a marketing agency, because your marketing budget deserves an educated team. Whether you want to focus on Google My Business or launch a full content marketing strategy, a GYBO partner and Google Partner Agency can help you build your authority online.

For more information about working with a Get Your Business Online Partner, give us a call at (415) 640-8009 or send us a message.

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