Media Buying for Local Businesses 

Let’s say you have a broken pipe behind your shower. You could, in theory, watch videos and read articles on how to fix it. You could go to the hardware store, bring your notes and measurements with you, buy the tools, then spend the weekend cross-referencing with your videos and printouts as you try to identify and fix the plumbing issue.

Or you could call a plumber, pay the fee, and not worry about it.

That same principle applies to advertising. An advertising agency’s entire business model is built around making smart, effective choices on behalf of their client. They create the campaign, they research the demographic’s specifics, and they select the various avenues to connect all the dots together. Without an advertising agency, you could theoretically still get the same results. However, unless you put hours and hours of research into your decision, achieving that is essentially blind luck. An advertising agency applies their expertise and experience into getting the most out of your budget to deliver results.

The easier way to think about it is this: for any business, time is money — but for small/medium businesses in particular, this axiom is essentially a way of life. An advertising agency delivers a greater chance of effective results while saving you the time and grief involved with preparation, strategy, and execution. Yes, you will have to pay them as a hired service, but in almost all cases, it’s an investment with significant returns.