We Are a Mobile Web Society

Mobile websites are becoming one of the most important aspects of having an online presence. There are a few critical reasons for this. First, you want a site that’s legible and easy to navigate on the small screen of a smartphone. A mobile-friendly website automatically adapts through programming magic to display the website in a way that is more efficiently laid out on the small screen. In short, you’ll actually have something that people can read and use despite loss of size and resolution.

But it goes past simply looking good on a smartphone. These days, a mobile website is an effective part of the call-to-action process, particularly for a business that depends on location such as a local brick-and-mortar business or an educational institution. When someone searches on their smartphone, the geographic location will pull up local results. That can lead into your mobile-friendly site. Mobile-friendly programming also enables click-to-call functionality, so that a user simply taps on a phone number and is connected to you.

The last part of the equation comes from pure traffic numbers. Over last few years, web usage via smartphone and tablet have surged to nearly one-third of overall traffic. These numbers will only continue to grow as smartphones and tablets are increasingly used across all demographics. This trend is proof positive that you need a mobile-friendly website — the real question is this: how will you put it together?