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If You Want to Be Seen…

Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and I just wanted to thank you for watching this video. Yesterday, a client called me and they said Marc, I see all your videos that you do, why do you do them? I thought that was a great question, and I wanted to share the answer with you. It’s based on what actually happens on social media platforms.

On Facebook, videos perform better than any other type of post.

On Twitter, if you have a video within your tweet, you’ll get 10 times more engagement on average.

And LinkedIn users, well they are sharing posts that have videos 20 times more than posts that do not. And check this out, even on Pinterest, if you’ve got a post that has video content tied to it, two and a half times more likely that a consumer will make a purchase based on seeing your pin.

So, videos the thing! I encourage you to sit in front of your computer, hit record, make a video, and I will see you for another video real soon!