Mobile Websites Are Where It’s At for B2B

It’s no big secret that B2C websites need to be mobile friendly. As smartphones have become permanent fixtures of modern life, the ability to read reviews, make purchases, or view product allows for bite-size interactions and impulse decisions while viewers are waiting for their train or at the doctor office. But do B2B websites need this configuration?

The answer is yes, and a big part of that has to do with the inevitable trend of web traffic moving into the mobile space. While impulse buys don’t affect B2B the same way they do for B2C, the availability of the mobile web means that research can occur anywhere. Your site’s specific analytics can pinpoint just how many mobile visitors you’re getting, but chances are it’s significant enough (20% or more) that mobile optimization is important.

So How Do You Go About Creating A Mobile-Friendly Site?

mobile-websiteIn some cases, you may not need to do anything different. Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress generally come with an inherently mobile-friendly framework thanks to the ability to detect browsers and operating systems. If you’re using something like this, take a look to see how your site displays — if the text and content scale responsively while reading, congratulations, you’re already there.

Beware of being a bandwidth eater, though. As data plans have various caps and rates for usage, it’s important to have a site that is fully featured while focusing on utility — extra multimedia or content jams up displays, slows load times, and eats up unnecessary data usage. Because mobile users tend to pop in while on the go, content should be parsed in bite-size chunks for easy viewing. These points are particularly important if your main website is not mobile-friendly and you invest in a second stand-alone site.

Whether you use a mobile-friendly CMS or create a separate mobile-only site, the message is clear: mobile is growing in importance to the B2B market. If you’re still not convinced, check your analytics — chances are, you’ll see a significant number of views from mobile users, and that number’s only gonna grow.

By Marc Apple